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some tattoos i saw getting done at a tattoo summit in toyohashi city, japan.



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  • bonjovi D 7 years ago

    altogether i don’t want that tatoo on my dick

  • TheDonClock 7 years ago

    and a big failure in iraq too. hahahaha

  • ntenorio29 7 years ago

    Beautiful art work but fck that!

  • vegeta11100 7 years ago

    Just one word fuck

  • Chap761 7 years ago

    Only can say in Spanish Putaaaaaaaaaaaaa what pain!

  • Silver Mirai 7 years ago

    @john pete  tell that to yakusa

  • john pete 7 years ago

    Japanese citizens aren’t allowed to have guns… wtf are you talking about.

  • choki1998 7 years ago

    Autoheal,yes,is called tebori

  • tonyp1928 7 years ago

    if you have tattoos in that method i heard it increases the chance of ink poisening and liver damage.

  • Art Brilho Ink Tattoo 7 years ago

    wow, that´s a nice tattooer this is the hard and classic way, i´ve made my own channel, please take a look at it and comment if you like /user/ArtBrilhoInk?feature=mhee

  • Chazzymausi3002 7 years ago

    its not so painfull like the normaly tattoo *-*
    have 4 japanese tattoos and one normal making tattoo xDD

  • Alekachickenhekka 7 years ago

    0:12 what song is that, and where can i download it??!?!?!

  • Kaelynn Fazenbaker 7 years ago

    It hurts like a b**ch!!!
    The colors stay fresh and it looks absolutely amazing, even years after its done.

  • OoTHEKEYOFAWESOMEoO 7 years ago

    I rather do the ordinary way not Japanese way it looks painful and disgusting

  • HateCrohns4Life 7 years ago

    Fucking. OW!

  • seungjo cho 7 years ago


  • Maddie Rice 7 years ago

    that looks cool but painful.

  • Baller527 7 years ago

    is the shading dark spots from the scabs

  • Baller527 7 years ago

    Looks relaxing 

  • royalbizarre 7 years ago

    when you do this kind of tattoo , you ‘ve to retouch? with pistol is like 5 years after the tattoo is done.

  • SexyTruffles 7 years ago

    My cousin had it done like that, he said it was so painful but the tat he has is absolutely stunning

  • PrettyCrappyUsername 7 years ago

    oh my gosh. that looks PAINFUL.
    But I bet after its done its totally worth the pain. (:
    idk if I would be able to go through that though, but I’d respect the people who do.

  • 2submit 7 years ago


  • 2submit 7 years ago


  • TheOnix123 7 years ago

    I want one of theese so bad, how much would it cost? I want full torso to wrists.

  • mosquito1832 7 years ago

    welcome to butcher’s…

  • Jrub84 7 years ago

    anyone know of anyone that does this in canada? seems very unlikley tho

  • Misakimisavi 7 years ago

    wow really, u made me laugh for a sec, ^_^

  • Misakimisavi 7 years ago

    this seems very painful, but i am up for it ^^
    do anyone know the name of this tattoing style?

  • TheEddieo 7 years ago

    im doing this once i turn 18teen!

  • jassir1316 7 years ago

    this is painfull as hell believe that…..

  • Autoheal 7 years ago

    Is there a name for this style of tattooing?

  • عبدالرحمن الغفيلي 7 years ago

    wow @@

  • senichi18 7 years ago


  • redandbluemadepurple 7 years ago

    do you remember the title? i would love to watch it!