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  • Sapphire Willow 5 years ago

    live life to the full, our bodies are our personal canvases to tweak to our
    personal liking, why care what someone thinks about your body art 🙂 it`s
    your body after all

  • Jiggy Pepper 5 years ago

    0:30 sick

  • irlsarge 5 years ago

    Is the fact that they like Asian culture not a good enough reason?

  • satannurse 5 years ago


  • Sapphire Willow 5 years ago

    the NHS will NOT covered lazer removal of a tattoo as it is the persons
    fault of there own if they regret it, NHS well only treat tattoos if the
    tattoo is of a health hazard, such as “repeatedly used needles” leading to
    infection or if you sue the tattooist for doing a terrible job.

  • Fr4glich 5 years ago

    there are fishes everywere! oO

  • Antiinequity 5 years ago

    i think i saw an ass ??!!

  • Ozcloudlink 5 years ago

    i would do both the hot chick ass and the asian fat guy ass :Phahaha

  • horibenny 5 years ago

    Bastards ripped off a bunch of tattoos from Japanese websites to pretend
    that they endorse this shit “product.” Yank this crap!

  • Shige 5 years ago


  • MsJazmin1234 5 years ago

    name of this song is ( In the club by 50 CENT) hahaha

  • flutterby4472 5 years ago


  • Yaky michelita 5 years ago

    muy bueno los tatus y el q tatua

  • Edwin Rothengatter 5 years ago

    if you simply believe people get a tattoo because it looks nice and
    artistic then you are wrong, and your skin will look ugly with or without
    tattoos….my skin is allready ugly with scars. I coulndt care less that
    you think it is mental but all my tattoo’s stand for something and have a
    personal meaning to me. Tattoo’s enhance the soul!

  • badbri t 5 years ago

    some badass colors~! great art work~!~

  • eLsUp3rMeN 5 years ago

    1:20 she needs to meet another kind of dragon

  • euhura 5 years ago

    @ 0:31 was that Chinese Mario?

  • 김 명철 5 years ago


  • Bilaal Raza 5 years ago

    @cmztetm hey man if you want a unique design i get all my unique designs
    and artist hookups from tattoo now, you can find it here:

  • 00MGRMH00 5 years ago

    …. يُّ ليل واذا زهقت من التاتوووو اللي بجسمي ؟؟!!! . …. يٌّ حلو الحـنا
    الاحمر بس .

  • Vidman459 5 years ago

    All very artistic, but what’s the point?. Wait until they get to 60+ and
    their skin starts to age, then all that artwork will look like crap.
    Totally mental.

  • Daniel Zamorano 5 years ago

    0:36 Mario, is that you???

  • ren watanabe 5 years ago


  • Antiinequity 5 years ago

    but it is real not an ART !!!

  • Vidman459 5 years ago

    That’s very true, BUT! I’m just making the point that people that have this
    kind of thing done to themselves may live to regret it when they get older.
    I’ve seen older people with tattoos and they look awful, the colour has
    faded and the skin is wrinkled. Still!, whatever floats your boat, it’s a
    free country, as long as people with tattoos don’t want them removed on the
    NHS in Britain.

  • Julian Heinemann 5 years ago

    song ???!!! i neeeeeeeeeeeed this song !!!!

  • 1riv3r 5 years ago

    XD 😮

  • Sleeplessin2012 5 years ago

    The placement of the first tat shown is perfect!

  • Kaze Kumo 5 years ago

    “Worst nipple piercing reaction ever on” keep following me everywhere.

  • kota kawai 5 years ago

    these tatoos involve piercing the skin and shit. crazzzyyy. but they look
    so much more better and last longer

  • Vidman459 5 years ago

    If you say so, whatever floats your boat, it’s your skin.

  • 1riv3r 5 years ago

    yellO Feevah XD

  • Juan PMQ 5 years ago

    that page is a shit, your idiot !

  • 安藤 美穂 5 years ago


  • letthemusicrock805 5 years ago

    People get tattoo’s of their memories. What makes them happy. They get that
    tattoo’ed so they can remember those fun, happy times. My mom hates people
    covered in tattoo’s, but I think it’s gorgeous. I was raised around a mom
    who hates when people are covered and tattoo’s and was always told to never
    get tattoo’s and a dad who said when they’re older they can make their own

  • pacovl46 5 years ago

    2 questions: 1. how is it not art? 2. how is art not real?