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Rapper Jim Jones gets tattooed by world famous celebrity tattoo artists Mario Barth.



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  • MalcomMirol 7 years ago


  • Yip Kai Foon 7 years ago

    tru life dealt with u punk!!!

  • POPEDALOUDMOUTH 7 years ago


  • Hanibal Lecter 7 years ago

    I have. I also tattoo for a living. I would have changed the station. Not
    because I dislike rap, but because listening to him would be annoying. I
    don’t care how famous you are.

  • skater609 7 years ago


  • TropicComa 7 years ago

    whats that song in the background?

  • Castrodavid334 7 years ago

    what song iz dat

  • Casandra Phelps 7 years ago

    you are so dum get off of him an go some place an grow the fuck up lol at

  • Donna Byrd 7 years ago

    i think both!!!! lol

  • Joseph Ramirez 7 years ago

    STFU NIGGA who da fuck is Jim jones stupid tattoos diz nigga getting

  • War_on_poverty 7 years ago

    @Tejhon209 the song was hot though

  • miamivicepastels83 . 7 years ago

    damn. his braids look fuzzier than mine right now….ok i dont feel so bad

  • yungsta11213 7 years ago

    pussy ass blood

  • Ron C 7 years ago

    dat harlem world tatt is HORRIBLE

  • Jamie Veals 7 years ago

    he cryin singing

  • TheTebrey 7 years ago

    wats that song called

  • John Baker 7 years ago

    He Gon Cry In The Car! *Chris Tucker Voice*

  • James Niko 7 years ago

    I really hope you are joking, to save what little bit of respect from
    people you have. Dumbass.

  • Deontre Wilkes 7 years ago

    He listen and rapping along to the music to get his mind off of the pain

  • smoking1212 7 years ago

    @Tejhon209 hes trying to take his mind off the pain of getting the tatto.

  • smoking1212 7 years ago

    that nigga looks like hes pray when that tat was getting inked on his arm.
    dodo mouth ass having nigga.

  • SLIMISPICKENS 7 years ago


  • christopher avery 7 years ago

    why do ya wake up to hate on somebody ya must not have tatooes some times
    music helps the pain nigga just happen to want to listen to his on shit
    stop hatin and get money man

  • inVAINwetrust 7 years ago

    He gettin a tat to my fav song

  • 23hoyas 7 years ago

    the guy should get paid extra for having to listen to this shaaaat.

  • aaron crouch 7 years ago

    I watched to see Mario tattoo, not watch some close up of a dude rapping.

  • smith wesson 7 years ago

    What a prat

  • miamivicepastels83 . 7 years ago

    @johnnycage435 damn

  • Oskari Tuohimaa 7 years ago

    ahahhahaha lmao you made my day

  • Adjec tives 7 years ago

    Check out my new song called “Tatted Up’ THUMBS UP if you are Tatted Up or
    just showing some love Youtube Dot Com/watch?v=HyBbR__hYCw

  • Tichevia Allderdice 7 years ago

    Jim Jones > Everybody Else In Dipset ……. & otc , i wanna see footage of
    him getting that tattoo of chrissy face on his arm .

  • MrCOLTSR2 7 years ago

    what a tit!…rap is shite!..this vid is crap too supposed to be a
    tattooing vid and instead its looking at his ugly mush pretending he can
    sing!..he’s a knob for sure..i would tell him to shut the fook up whilst i
    tattoo! would make me want to dig the needles in deep!

  • killapize 7 years ago

    that must be the tattoo chrissys his wife said they went too go finish

  • SouthSideDrewMontana 7 years ago

    Lmfaoo Yah Dum Mfs Dont No Who Jim Jones Is Wowww

  • loveme1575 7 years ago

    dont you love haters? I do you lames make the world go round!!!

  • Tiago José 7 years ago

    @luana7350 pois é

  • Kenley Hawkes 7 years ago

    a rapper

  • Nate Lancaster 7 years ago

    It depends on where you get it

  • RitzDaCracker1 7 years ago

    Fuck 6 hours. I cant do that shit. Even if it doesnt hurt that bad its so
    fucking boring. lol After 2 hours i start getting annoyed…

  • Hanibal Lecter 7 years ago


  • CrazyOrphan936 7 years ago


  • shaggy1840 7 years ago

    dis nigga fenna cry

  • peirol 7 years ago

    Honestly thought this video was gonna have Jim Jones From the Jim Jones

  • jonny meadows 7 years ago

    @nyc23bklyn hell yeah – someone who gets it! finally!

  • hermonnw1 7 years ago

    what’s the max price for a tattoo??

  • larissa villanueva 7 years ago

    que coragem viu

  • dan theman 7 years ago

    do tattoos hurt?

  • wabit138 7 years ago

    Wats the name of the song? Need to knw pls

  • carlos unstopable 7 years ago

    wat song it dat 1:24