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Comedian Kelly Taylor during his comedy special on CTV Comedy Now.



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  • Char McKay 6 years ago

    his second job is a sub teacher and he was my sub in´╗┐ grade 8 lol ­čÖé

  • Gymnaskid 6 years ago

    ‘live long pace and prosparity, don’t forget the comma and the period’ love that´╗┐ line!!

  • Sammie B 6 years ago

    no pineapples´╗┐

  • XXCRAZYXXKOOLKID 6 years ago

    that guy is´╗┐ my friends cousin

  • elenasabrina 6 years ago

    this is´╗┐ great!! love it!!

  • chad vanasse 6 years ago

    Funny´╗┐ stuff