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new tattoo for part of my japanese style sleeve tattoo, i hope you all enjoy koi fish tattoo amazing new water japanese style ancient tattoo pictures jap des…



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  • yyyy2999 7 years ago

    The scales are inconsistent and so are the waves.

  • litafan444 7 years ago

    what is the pencil you use for the shading it looks really good

  • mcj4m3s 7 years ago

    @Hungya7 learn english first

  • clayton gomez 7 years ago

    can you do a red arrowanna

  • Ché Crook 7 years ago

    @stickeyontheendtype There we go… My new Channel purely for my drawings
    and tattoos, set it up espeically for this watch?v=FljVIfciSII

  • foodfighter93 7 years ago


  • Hungya7 7 years ago

    koi’s body is a brick wall learned drawing ..

  • mcj4m3s 7 years ago

    thanks man, and i rushed this so its not as good as it could have been lol

  • SouthyG 7 years ago

    Havn’t seen ONE video on youtube where an “artist” builds up their drawings
    from a rough pencil shape and builds the drawing up. The way you’ve drawn
    your Koi Fish, I can tell that all of your Koi Fish look pretty much
    identical. Might have to post a video of me drawing one of my Kois to show
    you how it’s done properly

  • kylerun123 7 years ago

    the scales didnt look to good but yeah nice.

  • Fernando Coletti Rodrigues 7 years ago

    U Should take some time studing the design before make the video That koi
    Can be done 100 X Better, Just take ur time, The scales need to be
    Consistent the Waves have a right shape to looks good so next time dont

  • SheDropsDead 7 years ago

    This is amazing! i love it <3 who remixed this song? i would like it 🙂 and
    do you have deviantart??

  • osamabinpawning123 7 years ago

    the koi fish looks to fat but nice waves though lol

  • mcj4m3s 7 years ago

    thanks, im getting it tattood as my 4th one :d and its a pendulum remix by
    celldweller i think it is

  • Duhnata 7 years ago

    The only thing I see you could have done better is the scales on the Koi.
    Beautiful work

  • SouthyG 7 years ago

    @stickeyontheendtype Just posted a comment with the link to my new channel
    and videos, ive only two videos up right now but i’ll post more soon

  • TheLavalamp10 7 years ago

    It’s beautiful!

  • Freaking amazing!

  • Lovepreet Singh 7 years ago

    what does that tattoo stand for? meaning wise mate?