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  • Florence Lacharmante 7 years ago

    very nice i want to get it as my first tattoo soon

  • tozir14 7 years ago

    0:55 oh god kill it with fire

  • Sean Connolly 7 years ago

    most of these koi’s were terrible :0

  • Dean Ram 7 years ago

    im glad i found this site,really like looking at all the different koi
    designs that are on here.I have one on my right upper arm,nicely
    detailed,but i think im adding more water effects to it,oh,i still need to
    have it colored in.

  • WATASHIOBAKA 7 years ago

    i just got a koi fish tattoo done on my upper right arm…it in the form of
    Pisces which is my zodiac sign. had it done by one of my cuzins. am really
    happy with the results….whole thing took 3 hours…

  • MrRasecjr 7 years ago

    pictures are great, i want to have the biggest green in my back too

  • dhaamizzbubblegum 7 years ago

    these are very nice!!! i want a Koi fish design on my upper back……
    hopefully, one of these may work!

  • vinhxonxaccord 7 years ago

    Koi fish swim down stream is bad luck …thats what I heard

  • sailord20 7 years ago