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Kim Saigh does an amazing job on Chris’ unique black and grey flower sleeve. For more info go to



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  • alexandros papadopoulos 7 years ago

    veryyyy goodd

  • Edward Cardona 7 years ago

    does she still works there? or how can i meet her?

  • Brandon Lopez 7 years ago

    thats a really cool tattoo

  • Ally Macwhirter 7 years ago

    Gorgeous tattoo

  • raize marvin corbeta anunciado 7 years ago


  • im insulted.

  • Leah Divina 7 years ago

    i wish it was colorful.

  • ArugalSwe 7 years ago

    one of the things that allways botherd me is that we never get to know how
    much it cost 🙂 on any of the Ink

  • xXGreyWolf 7 years ago

    It’s amazing how well she managed to tattoo his elbow!

  • rhypie 7 years ago

    I think he said “it’s for you” haha. I’m pretty sure they don’t get them
    done for free, but idk maybe some people do.

  • maddywoo13 7 years ago

    @LaidbackPlayboy You’re probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever
    observed on the web. Kudos, sweetie.

  • poissonCHA1 7 years ago

    oh i miss kim and hannah

  • VakiPitsi 7 years ago

    That’s sweet!

  • emann43 7 years ago

    that looks amazing…especially the shading.

  • Nadia A 7 years ago

    the shading looks soo gooooddd

  • MegaOnionRings 7 years ago

    normally the grey is just faded out black, you missed the word opaque in
    your quote which is the operative word

  • MrChestypuller1775 7 years ago

    @MoreThanJustSkinDeep #1 i never said you aren’t a girl #2 I dont
    understand how somebody could take up for someone who is disobeying by
    loving the cock

  • SoWastedMusic 7 years ago

    not my style

  • FoolishTriplets 7 years ago

    Are you trying to insult the guy, or Niki?

  • ReinoutNL 7 years ago


  • danelmcamis93 7 years ago

    kim saigh is such a milf i had to pause the part were you could see down
    her shirt

  • AnaTatto0 7 years ago

    You still call a tattoo artist a tattooist? Let me guess you also call a
    tattoo machine a gun? Oh and the things you have in your ears when you
    stretch are gauges right? psshh

  • Gus Lucas 7 years ago

    @LiviRaps I know of people who could do that exact tattoo for me for that
    range.. $600-750 and i’m from singapore.. yes those artists have high
    status but then again its about the art and workmanship not money or fame

  • Gus Lucas 7 years ago

    @alexd765 600-750 maybe less..

  • sealrk19 7 years ago

    opaque grey

  • GuitarRealmHD 7 years ago

    What’s with 0:05?

  • Spenser Brose 7 years ago

    Yeah I thought it was for the chick LOL.