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For more, visit | As one of the godfathers of black and grey tattoos, it’s no wonder musician Anthony comes…



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  • ronald ciahaan 7 years ago


  • Nas B. 7 years ago

    sooooooo bad ass. i would totally get that but i cant imagine getting a tat
    on my boobs. ouch!

  • grundu 7 years ago

    Is it only me, but when I got my tattoos, I bleed a ridiculous amount! The
    blood oozes out of me like vodka from a bottle! Even the tattooist said I
    bleed too much and yet this chap here sheds very little blood… Does
    anybody else bleed a hell of a lot??? :S

  • lunaticpro12 7 years ago

    so how it went dude?

  • thosealexdays 7 years ago

    damn, i have a chest piece but not as bad ass as that! fuuck, tattoo envy,
    such a good show, wish it didnt make it look like the tattooing process is
    done in minutes though ‘oh yeah ill draw something up come back in 5
    minutes and we are good to go’ …i haven’t met a tattooist who does that
    for custom art.

  • Tom king 7 years ago

    That looks sick! Wanna get mine done!!!!

  • Tom king 7 years ago

    Kinda reassuring of what I wanted to hear, i’m getting mine done in a few
    months and I know it’s probably going to hurt me but my tolerance to pain
    is quite high haha

  • Seizre 7 years ago

    People hearing to much stories bout getting tattoo’d that it hurts.. As I
    would say don’t listen to all those stories going out there. I know this
    guy that went ot the shop and he heard bout 40 different stories. Then the
    artist started and he was like OWWWWW that all ? Your body makes Endorphine
    as the first second the artists starts. Endorphine is your natural
    painkiller !!!

  • kylestarfaux 7 years ago

    haha homies got a lower back tat and he feels like he’s joined the salty
    dog pirate club

  • Brandon Falco 7 years ago

    henna tattoos don’t count, anyone with tattoos know they hurt, child

  • Brandon Falco 7 years ago

    this definitely is not a traditional chest piece, its super tiny with asian
    themed water, weird

  • Julian Dunn 7 years ago

    Why does he have a tramp stamp though?

  • pjeproduct 7 years ago

    fat fuck

  • kenesha john 7 years ago

    that guy came in really hype for his tattoo

  • Kyle J 7 years ago

    “up to my shoulder blades”…..they’re on your back mate!!

  • AccurateEstimateftw 7 years ago

    Chest tattoos hurt so f*cking much lol my first one was a chest one 😛

  • fefehernandez 7 years ago

    I got 3 tats and the chest didn’t hurt that bad. It stings that about it.
    It feels good after a while tho lol

  • Serjo Maksimov 7 years ago

    Это новые выпуски? я просто не следил давно.

  • Ayesha Stead 7 years ago

    Your chest tattoo will hurt way more than your arm. So much bone on your

  • ImJustaYungNgaHustln 7 years ago

    Ruff salty dogg types hahah wtf?

  • Maly Em 7 years ago

    3:49 lol sound wrong.

  • Seizre 7 years ago

    Did my chest yesterday, i allready got 2 full sleeves i was like ok this
    gonna hurt….. Actually didn’t hurt at all, i almost felt a sleep;)

  • EvilEvilJesse 7 years ago

    xD! Alright, thanks bro. 😀

  • thexshattered 7 years ago

    Man I would KILL to have a tattoo done by Corey Miller.

  • Alex Drasser 7 years ago

    @IamBravest sup man i’m 16 and got my first tat on my chest this past
    friday.. didnt hurt at all felt like somebody wrote on me with a pen and
    pushed down a little bit.. i got three stars and i was fine the whole time

  • Josh Smith 7 years ago

    just had my chest piece done, hurt like a fucking biiiiiiitch! his is so
    much better though, haha! i love it.

  • chawntel james 7 years ago

    When I got my tattoo , it tickled south!! I got the chills from trying not
    to laugh and mess up the tattoo , and I’m a girl, it did t hurt at all

  • Stancy251 7 years ago

    You can’t join any club that involves tough sailors when you have a tramp

  • Lee McDermott 7 years ago

    dont worry bro, I recently got my entire chest done and it was my first
    tattoo and I have to say the pain is extremely overrated. I walked into
    that parlour and I was thinking “oh shit im gonna die” but It isnt bad at
    all. Didnt say a word, the only thing i was doing was talking to the
    tattooist. He said if you can take a chest without showing the slightest
    bit of pain then you can take any tattoo. Good luck if you havent already
    got it done!

  • nutterj89 7 years ago

    one sick tattoo there!

  • agm11009 7 years ago

    What a fucking piece of ART!!!!

  • erika miranda 7 years ago

    Holy shit! Looks way better with the water! Uhhhmazing!

  • arthurtats 7 years ago

    coreys reaction when he says ” Too Sweet” at around 1:11 is hilarious, he’s
    like TOO SWEET my ass….sick tattoo though