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  • Steve G 5 years ago

    They can see, that is awesome.

  • Jacob G 5 years ago

    its going to be hard to explain when you are standing in front of God when
    you die

  • Legit Shiiaat 5 years ago

    The red eyes on him actually look really fuckin cool to be honest.

  • peach 5 years ago

    A common demon and a crossroad demon. If I see any of them I would start
    chanting “Omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas…..”

  • David Crandall 5 years ago

    Blindness will surely follow.

  • jonathan branch 5 years ago

    I would never do this but that black thoe just …. wow

  • Maclaren Christopher 5 years ago

    A new Product is born, i guess in another 10 years people will accept eye
    tatoo as a trendy shitt..

  • Blood Beryl 5 years ago


  • Who cares? Let them do what they want to themselves. 

  • yungg D 5 years ago

    this dude is dumb when the lady asked why he tatted it he said “idk if you
    can ask why, but the question is why not?” why not?? maybe something could
    have gone wrong and maybe u would not have a vision anymore! some people is
    really slow

  • David Loeser 5 years ago

    This will come in handy in a job interview

  • Moffitt230 5 years ago

    I cry when I watch this video, in happiness. I’m glad my eyes are normal,
    and also that fact that I can still cry.

  • slayuonline 5 years ago

    these guys have nothing better to do, they won’t ever get out of prison. i
    wouldnt be surprised if they tattooed a penis on their forehead

  • Jamie Murphy 5 years ago

    Enjoy your ink poisoning.. Lol. I don’t recommend this if your not a lifer.
    It will really screw up your chances at parole haha

  • americanfresh17 5 years ago

    I think its dope and original
    but I would never do it

  • Hizmatick 5 years ago

    One move wrong and ur blind for life! thats really dandgerous

  • Volomon 5 years ago

    “Every colour but white”

    Never thought I’d ever here a white man say that.

  • De Flagratus 5 years ago

    Now you can see a fuck-up a mile away…”Perfect”.

  • Tailsthehacker01 5 years ago

    Move the needle the wrong way, blink, do something stupid and you’re blind.

  • blacckkRain 5 years ago

    “I thought black would be a little scary.” Lol what??

  • Asherz Smith 5 years ago

    They look awesome, haha!

  • Justin Duncan 5 years ago

    Amazing, i could never do it, but they did in it lockup haha, damn, that

  • duke nukem 5 years ago

    what a hipster guy, “skin tatoo?.. too mainstream “

  • edsnotgod 5 years ago

    Bwahaha crank the Eruption

  • names kiery 5 years ago

    Wow the black looked stunning

  • soundxcrash 5 years ago

    the red and blue look hella ugly lol they look like kids drew their eyes
    with markers u can see the hard edges show on the outer part of the eye
    looks ugly the black although i dont like the tattoo eye crap his looked
    strikingly pretty reminded me of an extra terrestrial when showed up
    close. but from far (when they showed him ) he looks like crap i mean he
    doesnt even look scary more laughable for trying to hard dude just.. just
    no if u wanna mess with ur eyes use contacts for real 

  • Volomon 5 years ago

    “955 blind inmates and we don’t know what to do with them”

    Sounds like a more peaceful prison.

  • Blood Beryl 5 years ago

    lol @ the guy with the black eyes and the PIMP tattoo on his knuckles

    thats the hood 

  • Courtney Butzko 5 years ago

    I couldn’t even watch this without feeling sick to my stomach or flinching!

  • Dakukobura 5 years ago

    I love it. They’ve furthered the body modification movement and good or bad
    they’ve changed the world forever whether this falls out and nobody hears
    of it in a hundred years or it’s the biggest trend since pierced ears.

  • Ed Gaibl 5 years ago

    There are many behind the WALL that have strange body modifications. Guess
    what they eventually get out and walk among us.

  • sep carson 5 years ago

    Fucking try hards

  • TheCappodon 5 years ago

    Seems dangerous to do this.