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No criminal group in the world is more closely identified with tattoos than the largest: Japan’s Yakuza, 80000 strong. In this episode of Marked, we go deep…



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  • Laz N 7 years ago

    morons man…

  • StrelokTesla 7 years ago

    Im not sure this is correct(heard it from a friend) but aren’t the Japs the first ones who managed to refuel planes in air, using a big plane containing fuel(thats how they got to Pearl Harbour). And the reason the Japs never went far with tech is bacause they belived in honor. They always fought with swords, well not in the WW2 but you know what i mean.

  • Cameron J. 7 years ago

    Are you aware of how Japan treated the Chinese? It is called “The rape of Nanking” for a reason. Japan should have allied with the allies. They were doomed by allying with the Nazis anyways. Like I said in my previous post, Hitler hated the Japanese. In WWI they destroyed many German colonies in Asia. He wanted a world dominated by the Aryan race. It took 4 world powers to take him down. If Hitler had won he would have targeted the Japanese next. The Japanese people would be slaves or extinct.

  • Cameron J. 7 years ago

    Now of course there is a chance (A very slim chance I might add) that Japan might have won against Hitler if this scenario happened but I doubt it. Hitler was only defeated by 4 super powers gaining up on him. He was a fucking beast. Sorry to say, but Japanese technology was no where near as good as Hitler’s military. If Hitler and Hiro Hito had won the war, today the Japanese people would either be slaves or extinct. Japan unfortunately joined the wrong side. In WWI they were our allies..

  • Cameron J. 7 years ago

    We rebuilt Japan afterwards. Japan would be a totally different place if the empire hadn’t fallen. Their wealth and power could be completely different now. Think about it. Hypothetically, Hitler and Japan win the war. Hitler would NEVER tolerate the Japanese existence. He HATED the Japanese. The Japanese fucked up German colonies all throughout Asia during WWI. He wanted just an Aryan race and all other races to be slaves. What if Japan lost to Hitler? He would have NEVER rebuilt Japan.

  • Daniel Flanagan 7 years ago

    I love japanese tattoos

  • StrelokTesla 7 years ago

    Americans won because of their precious Atomic Bomb … fucking cowards…

  • sartte 7 years ago

    the same way how ignorant people like you base a entire nation of immigrants on 1 person.

  • doktornpro 7 years ago

    thats quite the journey its like a novel or something

  • reddrhythm 7 years ago

    Interesting perspective, but could have been less dramatic to accord more respect for those who practise irezumi and carried irezumi

  • Dadashhhh 7 years ago

    typical american behaviour, talking about pearl harbour whenever japan is mentioned…how can an entire nation be so ignorant goes beyond me.

  • modestmoose83 7 years ago

    6:10 “The space in the middle also serves a practical function”, “It’s there so you have a place to sweat. If you don’t leave a place on the skin to breathe, it’s very hard on the liver.” I hope nobody actually believes that you can’t sweat through tattoos. That’s total bullshit.

  • MrRocketmanyo 7 years ago

    chill out you stupid arrogant cunt

  • LiangHuBBB 7 years ago

    yakuza doesnt fear anyone
    not even wolverine they just attack you lol

  • jacob chesney 7 years ago


  • sadeladybug 7 years ago

    lol, at Horizen slapping his stomach, 10:06, “This is a tiger, this is a dragon”

  • Jay Kyu 7 years ago

    the only joke here is your existance

  • Martha Doorman 7 years ago

    That’s an interesting claim, do you have a source?

  • Pete Farrugia 7 years ago

    You’re an ignorant fuck, so that’s not just “religious people.”

  • Skeeter Valentine 7 years ago

    Very content. You?

  • TheMoonandMar 7 years ago

    Are you OK mentally?

  • Skeeter Valentine 7 years ago

    Why are religious people ignorant racist fucks?

    Also Roosevelt provoked Pearl Harbor by starving Japan of oil and aiding China (Japan’s Rival) while claiming that the US was remaining “neutral”. FDR also had foreknowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing to stop it because he wanted the attack. Japan effectively took his bait. He wanted a gateway into to war. Don’t blame Japan. We fucked them not vice versa.

  • Ethian Sanchez 7 years ago

    Agreed! *sips brandy* *adjusts monocle*

  • Jackie Chan 7 years ago

    Pearl harbor killed around 2500 American Naval men. Japan lost 12 planes. For that america dropped Not 1 but 2 atomic bombs on japan killing 300,00 people just from the blast alone. the radiation killed more. america has no value of human life, japan has already lost the war and no bomb was necessary your trying to glorify the worst massacre in human history just because japan beat america in 1 battle. you sir are a douche bag

  • razil100 7 years ago

    shut up korean cocksucker

  • Dgdaan Oogn 7 years ago

    Everyone talks about this RACE problem and says that this RACE problem will be over when the third-world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into WHITE countries.

    Everyone says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    They’re pushing wHiTe geNOcide!

    They claim they are “anti-racist”, what they are is anti-White

    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White


  • EDIITOR 7 years ago

    Why are they pussies?

  • TriforceRich 7 years ago

    Great documentary. Yakuza tattoos are stunning and works of art. Just like with most things of modern society, the Yakuza is most likely changing for the worst. These younger guys disgracing the tradition and not being able to endure pain is a shame. If you are going to follow a certain lifestyle, then follow it through.

    Japan is truly a culture to admire. I am not saying the Yakuza are good, but the tradition and history behind them is extremely interesting.

  • phaelin 7 years ago

    If the commentator had actually watched the documentary he’d know how to pronounce yakuza. Now he just sounds stupid.

  • FPSdaybreaK 7 years ago

    shako tendo is beautiful

  • yamaguchiyummy 7 years ago

    Right. And you can count the number of Tibetan people on one thumb that have thanked the totalitarian, lying, polluting, bullying, sadistic, cocksucking Chinese for invading their country and butchering them. It’s a complicated issue……

  • Kano IX 7 years ago

    You’re either a troll, or the biggest hypocrite in the universe.

  • Bozidar Stancheski 7 years ago

    Sure,go tell them that and expect not to get hung the fuck up.

  • u kkuk 7 years ago

    Japanese mobs are fucking pussys lol

  • adam eames 7 years ago

    feal this woman whose father was yakuza is a bit full of shit

  • Stelios CF 7 years ago

    are the artists getting money from yakuza ?

  • Guitarro19 7 years ago

    07:54 “…but I was just pouring tea and kissing ass!”


  • PearlHarbor420 7 years ago

    “I was so mad, I told the doctor to stitch me up without anesthesia”  I did that once I looked like half of the fucking Joker for months.

  • PearlHarbor420 7 years ago

    Fuck you. Japan has done nothing but flourish since WWII. And Pearl Harbor was one of the worst American naval losses in history. And you repaid them by dropping the worst weapon in human history? Fuck you.

  • louie k 7 years ago

    How painted tigar or dragon can help one.

  • Super Magic 7 years ago

    Hi, Japanese and Korean scholar here.

    You have no idea what you are talking about if you think Koreans and Chinese are stilling complaining without any basis.

    Please look deeper into the apologies and reparations and Japanese acts during those times and after those times and you’ll understand why Korea and China didn’t find them to be acceptable.

    There wasn’t a single country that thanked Japan for what they did. At least not as a popular or logical opinion.

    It’s a complicated issue.

  • SHICHIBUKAIPX4 7 years ago

    I hate how commentaries always sound so racist