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  • Tania Garcia 7 years ago

    For the mascara i realized tht if i apply one coat of a mascara to make my eyelashes thicker then wait a lil then apply the voluminous false fiber lashes only to the tip of my eyelashes works best also i would suggest to kinda remove some of the product from the wand before applying it

  • Samantha Gigstead 7 years ago

    Bad to the bronze is the bomb that’s my favorite one too…works well as a cream eyeliner love the orange as liner just because you don’t come across an orange liner often,it adds a nice pop of color to the eye.

  • maija 7 years ago

    i used to HAATE that mascara at first, then decided to only put it on my bottom lashes, then decided to give it a try a few weeks later and now its my FAVOURRITE soo weird. i use the brown one and its awesome, maybe cause of the way formula aged nooo idea but over time it got better

  • condiersea 7 years ago

    its the brush you hate and how wet the mascara is. try putting a brush you love from an old dried out mascara in the loreal tube. or just use the loreal mascara over top of other mascaras that are starting to dry out and take more coats to build up.

  • mojitomandee 7 years ago

    ohh its sad you didnt like the mascara… i currently wear this one and i personally love it…

  • mojitomandee 7 years ago

    i am in love with bad to the bronze, i like tough as taupe too.

  • GodBlessYou2000 7 years ago

    Great vid God bless