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  • misamiho1 5 years ago

    Lots of great tattoo designs can be found on *TattooBluePrint. com*

  • Poy Atienza 5 years ago

    if you will read it,It will be m-u-ni-bi-si.which is wrong.she said that it
    is MS.UNIVERSE.first of all alibata or baybayin is compose of syllabols and to correct it first you have to translate MS.universe in tagalog
    word which is BINIBINING PANG SANSINUKOB.then you should use cross

  • Coach Rovel 5 years ago

    Baybayin 🙂 too bad she spelled it wrong.

  • April John Hipas 5 years ago

    alibata,, baybayin

  • REBECCA MAATOUK 5 years ago

    Parabéns pelo trabalho!