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  • Vann Sun 7 years ago

    Can someone tell me how much it would be for a sleeve tattoo?

  • Lorin Cockrum 7 years ago


  • Matthew De Spain 7 years ago


  • Logan Pell 7 years ago

    I hope he fucked her.

  • Viltska 7 years ago

    too obivous?

  • Stu Telfer 7 years ago

    Your next buddy…’doubt it’. lad.

  • PagansAnger 7 years ago

    Your picture says it all…………

  • Javier Rodriguez 7 years ago

    guys help me get more followers to show my artwork on ig!! follow me at
    ambitious_vida !

  • Viltska 7 years ago

    i would do her

  • Tattoo Holocaust 7 years ago

    I would never marry or mate with a woman who had been marked up by some
    other man. He’s her true husband — forever.

  • Natalie Sanders 7 years ago

    I had to stop watching. This was so pathetic and not cool at all. I wish he
    would’ve told her to keep her hands to herself. I have nothing but respect
    for the guy who’s inking me and the last thing I wanna do is distract him
    while he’s holding a needle to my skin.

  • Ruby Jimenez 7 years ago

    i know hes hot but dam poor guy

  • Buhori Cjr 7 years ago


  • dehol2 7 years ago

    hahaha…. she`s ready (already wet ) 😀

  • raffy016ify 7 years ago

    its hurts

  • llammalover69 7 years ago

    Really girl ….really

  • nutsandgutzz 7 years ago

    3:28 that face is jackkkked, girls a slut bag too.

  • senderos philipo 7 years ago

    I really enjoy doing all types of Tattoos.Competion is out there , but if
    you are a reliable tattoo shop, you will get noticed fairly quick. The
    proof is in ourTattoos so to speak, we let the Tattoo speak for itself.

  • Hun xong Dứt 7 years ago


  • wayne thomas 7 years ago

    Tattoo designs from all over the world. All available in one place.

  • PagansAnger 7 years ago

    Slut, haha