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  • SlipKnoT x MFKR 7 years ago

    AMAZING music

  • Thomas H 7 years ago

    and there you have it. ^^^

  • TheHungrySurgeon 7 years ago

    I can only presume you are american, and that is how it’s thought of there.
    It is different where I am from.

  • Thomas H 7 years ago

    white power is associated with white supremacy black power is associated
    with civil rights back in the day….

  • TheHungrySurgeon 7 years ago

    It’s called having double standards if you’re calling one ok, and the other
    wrong, when they are both essentially the same thing. They are both fucking

  • Thomas H 7 years ago

    in YOUR eyes, im sure very few agree with that.

  • TheHungrySurgeon 7 years ago

    I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. Same thing in my eyes.

  • Thomas H 7 years ago

    black power is not racist, white power is. two completely different

  • TheHungrySurgeon 7 years ago

    Fuck that. I am proud of my history and heritage too, however if I had the
    username WhitePowerfoLife I don’t think I’d get very much support for any
    comment I made. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’d be called a racist
    motherfucker, and told to GTFO. The fact that you have so many “likes” with
    that username just shows how completely fucked society actually is.

  • makaveli SHAKUR 7 years ago

    ur not special cuz our black youve been through nothing compared to the

  • Francisco Ayala 7 years ago

    He’s so cute

  • Cody Schultz 7 years ago

    “My first chest piece” Lol isn’t it more like “my only chest piece

  • Cody Schultz 7 years ago

    “My first chest piece”

  • Tom king 7 years ago

    that tattooist has a sick music taste

  • Anthony Vincent 7 years ago

    i just got my chest piece done yesterday bro

  • hittman sanjo 7 years ago

    nope if you can handle the ribs then the chest should be no problem i have
    my whole stomach done going to my ribs and that killed. i have my whole
    chest done also but its not to bad

  • Austin Lupo 7 years ago

    YOU’RE AN*

  • TheFateXXXTJ 7 years ago

    i did mine yesterday it didnt hurt that bad, some times hurt´s a litle but
    you can handle it just keep your mind ready and dont try to compare it to
    other pain you have felt, im 16 and not that thin i handle it pretty good
    talk to some one and it it will be more easy, good luck

  • lavidalocos 7 years ago

    Does it hurt alot on the chest for a first tattoo???

  • samantha guerin 7 years ago

    So unsanitary looking. =

  • Staggers9010 7 years ago

    i want a spade in the middle of my chest

  • Sir-Jay Salamanes 7 years ago

    Tattoos are painful. Just be brave and suck it up. Why would you wana ask
    if tattoos hurt so much when you’re getting one??

  • BlackPowerfoLife 7 years ago

    go back to your porch??? haha wtf thats the best comeback you could
    possibly think of my dude?!?!?! you must be the most ignorant racist
    mothafucka on youtube I’ve encounterd so far haha… You don’t phase me one
    bit bruh, go suicide just like kurt cobain did faggot you’re a waste of air
    bitch ass hating ass nigga

  • spiceytaco95 7 years ago

    People tolerate pain differently

  • TzRainingOMG 7 years ago

    First of all you don’t start a sentence with “lol”. Second, “dumb fuck go
    back to school, maybe learn some English not nigger language”.* “So what,
    I’m racist “. Your argument was invalid just like your grammar Mr. Racist.

  • Alex Kitchens 7 years ago

    word did it bleed alot

  • Vetle Hauge 7 years ago

    Depends on ur pain tolerance. For me it hurt like a bitch!

  • messicktyler 7 years ago

    Justinrocks is a fucking douche…

  • Kupcake_kayla 7 years ago

    barely at all. neither of mine, my ribs or chest have really bled.

  • Perez Emanuel 7 years ago

    how much?

  • xcsweety22715 7 years ago

    hey guys, ima try to answer most of your questions.. for pain, the only
    thing o can really compare it to is holding a lighter to your skin for a
    second. the only time i felt pain was on the 2nd and 3rd coat of shade. it
    took about 4.5 hours to complete and i paid 350$

  • Danny Brandt 7 years ago

    Chest isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Granted yes the center of
    your chest is a bit tender, but the rest of your chest isn’t bad. For me i
    had 2 sessions. One 6 hours the other 9 and I was more bored then in pain.
    I personally find the feeling of tattoos calming though. My chest was my
    second tattoo.

  • MrLilshawn95 7 years ago

    Taking it like a beast

  • Lilith Haner 7 years ago

    I spent two 8 hour sessions on my chest (shoulder to shoulder) and even got
    my ankle tattooed the same day after my second session. You will be fine 🙂

  • echobrett 7 years ago


  • Kupcake_kayla 7 years ago

    i’m a pansy and chest wasnt that bad.

  • EfeKs2 7 years ago

    it dont hurt only in the middle by the bone..but over all on scale 1-10 i
    give it a 5

  • Actueel68 7 years ago

    LOG? Hell yes!

  • Andrew D 7 years ago

    I got my chest done a few days ago and anyone who wants a chest tattoo,
    beware it is painful regardless of your pain tolerance. It’s one of the
    worst pains i’ve felt in a long ass time but the pain is worth what you

  • Jonah Dotdot 7 years ago

    Chest isn’t bad, but right in he mid.. That shit hurt like a. Bitch