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I designed my Tattoo myself and went to get it done about 5 days after my 18th at the ink spot in ringwood on my tummy / hip 🙂 didnt really hurt bit stingy …



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  • Jaclyn Barnes 7 years ago

    I just got a tattoo on my hip. It hurt so bad 🙁 the shading felt like a

  • Martha Esquivel 7 years ago

    I have 9 tattoos and they dont hurt… its just very irritating I got my
    both ribs at the same night… my hip and stomach both sides too. My upper
    arms too short selves and my boobs and my back… its not painful the trick
    is to not think about it and ask em to put music on.

  • dominsmith 7 years ago

    @stevied55 hey first off your tat is awesome. Ok I have a question. I plan
    on getting a tat near the same area u got this one at. The pelvic/hip/
    stomach area. Can you explain to me wht it felt like the first time the
    needle touched you skin. I’m so scared and nervous. Lol

  • Crystal Woods 7 years ago

    that is beautiful 🙂

  • david parisi 7 years ago

    she is very sexy i like her tummy

  • Jessica Stewart 7 years ago

    im getting a tattoo there to but of a rose wth my family’s inisitals on the
    stem im so nervous :S

  • Ðevøn Mãrie 7 years ago

    Its a beautiful design. I want my first tattoo. im not exactly an artist so
    I suck at making out my tattoos design and the way I want it. im about to
    turn 18 here in some days and that’s a gift ill be getting.

  • Amy Van Rullen 7 years ago

    wow its gorgeous! I’m getting mine in the same spot soon. Fingers crossed i
    can handle it as well as you did haha

  • selena otero 7 years ago

    im thinking about getting tattoos too my left leg at bottom whole thing on
    sideish right thigh and my belly but im not sure on what to get i wanted a
    butterfly on my thigh with anything around it and my leg flowerish w.e and
    on my belly not sure anything cute would be cute if youd help me deisgn LOL
    i have no artist talent smh and no stars i already have stars

  • NaN1ghtc0reK1tty 7 years ago

    Your friend laughs like a rabid squirrel

  • AlyssaAttackk 7 years ago

    I get my first one in the same place on wednesday. Im exciteddd! I dont
    have a problem with needles so im hoping ill react ok.

  • TheSykelolShow 7 years ago

    I would never get it on my stomach because Im gonna be pregnant at one
    point and the tattoo will stretch and not look good

  • Felicia Gomes 7 years ago

    did it hurtt ???/

  • dekoy08 7 years ago

    damn girl, your looking hot. So whats up? you single?

  • justaaleigah 7 years ago

    did it hurt?? cause that’s where i’m planning to get mine on my 18th
    birthday. . .

  • 11111josh1 7 years ago

    aha im gnna get 2 smiley faces either side :p whatu rek

  • stevied55 7 years ago

    Not at all, bit stingy really, that was it

  • chichicoya123 7 years ago

    “u no u wanna put it on facebook later” *silence* “true.”

  • Natterleexlove 7 years ago

    I’m just curious as to how much it costed? lol I want a tattoo on both of
    my hips about half the size of yours. I know prices vary depending on the
    shop, size, detail, hour and all that junk. I really appreciate if you
    would let me know though. (: By the way, your tattoo looks pree’ great! <3

  • stevied55 7 years ago

    CHECK OUT MY SECOND TATTOO VIDEO ON MY WRIST!! @natterleexlove it cost me
    £60 the first time then I had it redone to sharpen up the lines which cost
    me another £60 so it looks a lot better now!!! It took about an hour and a
    half both times, but I was surprised that the second time round cost the
    same coz he was a much better tattoo artist than the first guy… My
    advice, don’t rush into thing, pick a tattoo artist you trust!!! I didn’t
    do that first time round and it didn’t come out as good as

  • stevied55 7 years ago

    Cost me £60 🙂

  • Angel909Baby 7 years ago

    wow. that looks sexy

  • stevied55 7 years ago

    hey guys, thanksfor all the comments. i recently had this one redone, coz
    the place in this video… wasnt that good :/ but it looks way better
    now!!!! @dominsmith its different for every person but for me it didnt hurt
    much at all, its just like a cat scratch but vibrating haha, it hurt much
    for the second time round coz it was on scar tissue!!! @georgia090909 cost
    me £60 both times so have spent £120 on it all together. NEW VIDEO UP SOON

  • stevied55 7 years ago

    Hey guys ty for the comments 🙂 glad u like it I’m getting another tattoo
    soon hopefully, one on the back of my neck and one across my ribs. Dunno
    what ur on about me looking hot I look awful with my double chin lieing
    down lol x

  • smithy792 7 years ago

    I am getting my hip tattooed on Wednesday a tad nervous, How painful is it?

  • 713edd 7 years ago

    That is a great spot for your tattoo. It looks great. But wat ruined it is
    your piercings. You should take them off

  • chelseawagner123106 7 years ago

    @dominsmith its a sensitive area. i got my first in the same place, but it
    was a flower and the petals went over my hip bone. the outlining suuuucked.
    you just gotta breathe through it. and its great when youre done and
    realize you just went through all that to have this bad-ass peice of art on
    your body for the rest of your life. but as for area, ribs, toes, feet, hip
    bone, fingers, pretty much anywhere bony is gonna be more sensitive.