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I figured I’d post the transformation pics of my Clark Kent Superman tattoo that I got in Alhambra California from Milton out of the MyTattoo shop. Great pla…



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  • Armando Hernandez 6 years ago


  • Richard Reid 6 years ago

    Nice sleeve man.getting mine Thursday .should be fun and painfull lol

  • Johan Stenbeck 6 years ago

    Why did you get a tattoo if you’re a christian? The bible says you
    shouldn’t get tattoos.

  • kellykinsellives 6 years ago

    only a truly stupid person would get a sleeve tattoo. I can’t wait for all
    these idiots to be over 40 years old and having these dumb tattoos when
    they are out of style. I wish I could fast forward by 10 years and show you
    how stupid you are

  • MaRkahfy 6 years ago

    that is a really cool sleeve

  • TheDiamondsMaster 6 years ago

    Dude help me out, for cap America did u get any white ink?!?, i got a
    pirate skull but my tattoo artist didnt aply white, he said white ist used,
    so where it was suposed 2 be white, just has my skin colour witch is very
    plain, how is ur cap-americas star soo white?!

  • Paige Tortat 6 years ago

    i love how all of your tattoos just flow together perfectly 

  • Muriel V.H. DeChabert 6 years ago

    appreciate the tour of pain, just got my first one today. have to say it
    was so much less painful than piercings. will you do other arm?

  • Ivan Belic 6 years ago

    Your video was very helpful! Thank you.

  • FizzyPayton 6 years ago

    That is one of the best tattoo sleeves I’ve ever seen!

  • dakota swaggboi mayne 6 years ago

    Kool sleeve

  • TurtleHaze 6 years ago

    Awesome sleeve! How much did you pay for it, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • M Bartlett 6 years ago

    It’s a nice tattoo man but holy shit. 83 hours?! Looks like it should have
    taken 22-26 hours tops

  • Jowad Chentoufi 6 years ago

    How much did it cost

  • john broderick 6 years ago

    Real nice man, I’ve got to say with out a doubt my chest was an absolute
    10, the sleeves weren’t bad at all just near the throat is brutal 

  • Dustin Pedroia 6 years ago

    Awesome. How much it?

  • David Radziwon 6 years ago

    holy fuck dopest sleeve ever

  • george jordan 6 years ago

    Omfg no homo those are freaking beautiful

  • lanney halsey 6 years ago

    I really love the skull out of troopers! Great stuff!

  • GetPaidWithKyle 6 years ago

    I love your sleeve it looks very professionally done 

  • Martin Rowlands 6 years ago

    most painful tattoo had was on my ribs and for one whole 7 hours of pain
    till tattoo was finished

  • fuckemos45 6 years ago

    I take the pain.. 

  • 0LionKiller 6 years ago

    Wow !!

  • loveeee your sleeve dude, cant wait to get my first tat

  • Mike Stromboli 6 years ago

    Dope bro

  • Jay Suave 6 years ago

    real nice I couldn’t get everything done I probably will get tired and when
    I sleep I move a lot

  • Daniel Luck 6 years ago

    Nice tattoo…….I’m thinking of a marvel comic sleeve, my question is
    what was the pain like below the outer elbow (bend your arm and go an inch
    down from the point) ? Very very nice tattoo though.

  • Ryan Jimenez 6 years ago

    People aren’t lucky to be able to sleep through pain it just means they’ve
    suffered through more pain than you have…

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Got lucky with the right artists.

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Lucky bro! That’s great pain tolerance!

  • metaljar02 6 years ago

    hey man nice sleeve, weird since I was interested in getting a tattoo Jess,
    the owner of the shop but his pretty pricey plus you have to wait from 2-3
    yrs. Im still planing to go to there, but just wondering and if you don’t
    mind. you think you could give me an estimate how to pay for a full sleeve?
    lets say, colorful like yours. thanks in advance!

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    WOW four brain surgeries! God bless ya man for recovering!

  • FearOps 6 years ago

    the outlines are the worst for me and the bicep is really the only area
    that hurts me but i plan to get my arm pits with tats and i can bet thats
    gonna hurt

  • bryansosa924 6 years ago

    Nice tattoos man

  • mayank1219 6 years ago

    im thinking about getting a big Dirty Couture Star tattoo on my elbow and
    im 15. im really skinny. if i get it now, will it stretch when my arms get
    bigger and look all messed up? should i wait?

  • Jai Leonard 6 years ago

    Question if you can get back to me Did you get your script writing before
    or after the building/flag parts? Like, was the background there, or was
    the background filler afterwards?

  • Celia Ronàld 6 years ago

    This helped me a lot actually. Thank you very much! Ive been thinking of
    getting a sleeve tattoo for like 1,5 years now. I want different things
    added to it but the 3 things im certain of is a whiteshark, lion and a

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Google search lol

  • Nathan Heightz 6 years ago

    heck out my Tattoo pain reviews on my channel ^.^

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    The main thing is , not to workout while it’s healing. When it fully heals
    you should be fine. if you get bigger muscles I doubt you’ll see loss of
    ink. From my experience

  • Jeannette Delgado 6 years ago

    Do you get a sleeve all at once? or parts? ;3

  • 509g1 6 years ago

    So bicep on the side of ur arm is the best place to have a tattoo for less
    pain :). It’s wer I’m getting mine today

  • anvilofcrom 6 years ago

    Elbow is the worst spot for me…

  • Justin Griffiths 6 years ago

    @509g1 best cream to use after a tattoo is bepanthen

  • Mainman Marcell 6 years ago

    how much ??

  • Jacky Muir 6 years ago

    These are amazing o.o

  • Dolly Suckerpunch 6 years ago

    Your artwork is absolutely amazing. The Captain America artwork absolutely
    blew me away! Getting Iron Man myself this week! 🙂

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    I agree

  • ManicOfficial 6 years ago