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ok so i HATE needles soooooo much and i know im annoying cause im over reacting, freaking out and wont stop talking i apologize for that… just mute the vid…



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  • Jason Mercurin 7 years ago

    You had to wear that thong don’t you? Freaking whore

  • strawberry lemonade 7 years ago

    your fear of the pain should be outweighed by your want of the tattoo ._.

  • Motionals! 7 years ago

    id tap that!

  • adele kepinska 7 years ago

    i feel bad for the tattoo artist man, girls screaming for attention and
    nothing else, you shouldn’t freak out, you’ll just end up with something
    awful on your body!!

  • BriLuvsTrees 7 years ago

    @greenphone7 haha aw damn…well its awesome lol :]

  • Sam Angel 7 years ago

    If u hate needles then why the @$#% are u getting a tatoo

  • JokezHmoobXyooj 7 years ago

    That was done in 2 minutes. How did you get through that

  • Burtlefly 7 years ago

    I want your fucking sweater!!

  • PhantomOfTheHummus 7 years ago

    Haha, cutie. :3 & I don’t think that’s even a thong, it looks more like the
    bikini style underwear to me.

  • karenasmjc92 7 years ago

    so we have the same thing tattoo’ed in the same spot…random

  • ninidqninidq14 7 years ago

    did it hurt bad?

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    nope im deff wearing a thong only comfortable underwear there is.

  • BubbleeBubblePOP 7 years ago

    All You gotta do is, Call a friend(s) Hold their hands, Listen to music ,
    Daydream and pretend your at something that you like, and Boom you get your
    Tattoo , :)))

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @BriLuvsTrees in ocean city like 3 years ago!

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @mackenzieegan yes i did! but mackkkk my parents dont know dontttttt say
    anything on facebook!!!!!!

  • Gabbi Stewart 7 years ago

    Did It Hurt.?

  • April Haulsey 7 years ago

    I would freak out if a scratcher was tattooing me at home on couch too

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @Thisbe21 thanks! ocean city board walk 2009! lol

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @1994WN thanks im actually 19…. and yeah i hateee needles and when some
    people are scared they cant shut up i know its annoying but its just how i

  • YessiBubble 7 years ago

    i really want a hip tattoo so bad and your reaction (while you were getting
    tatted not in the beginning lol) kind of showed me it might not be that

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    … its not its below my hip bones and he pulled it down…

  • abailey006 7 years ago

    i really feel like that’s exactly what i will be doing when i get my first
    tattoo and in the same spot. plus i want one behind my ear too. im a bit
    nervous! lol but u did good, i feel like if u can do it and you ddnt do
    much screaming, i can too

  • Katharina Franzen 7 years ago

    holy shit whats wrong with u? i have 3 tats and one goes over my neck bone
    and that was the most painful and getting a new tomorrow but seriously what
    the hell cmon

  • samir mounir 7 years ago

    Hey Becca ,large nice hips especially with such a tattoooooo.

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @karenasmjc92 uhhh whatttt crazy well im gunna add to mine soon soo it wont
    be the same for long but thats kinda crazy

  • Patty Cole 7 years ago

    I love your sweatshirt!

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @giic7Anime umm no…

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @hulkylalasandysimba my friends bfs friend lol he elives in pa

  • May Elena 7 years ago

    That poor tattoo artist…

  • skatehubba 7 years ago

    Hahaha this videos awesome

  • Sunny__ 7 years ago

    I have tatts bigger than that on both my hips , it wasnt that bad . Wtf

  • BriLuvsTrees 7 years ago

    omg where’d you get that hoodie?! i LOVE it! please answer <3

  • ninidqninidq14 7 years ago

    @greenphone7 mm.. that sounds like something i’m looking forward to getting
    done, haha 😛

  • JessCupcake92 7 years ago

    what’s it of though? cant tell from the vid 😛

  • chichicoya123 7 years ago

    omg whered u get ur hoodie? That is amazing!! Michaelangelo all the way lol
    I like ur tattoo tho great job

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @hanitranslatebenacer what does that mean??? lol

  • alliek2003 7 years ago

    If you’re that freaked out why bother getting it? I was nervous, but
    hyperventilating seems a little excessive.

  • Morgan Freeman 7 years ago

    I was starring at your thong the whole time .

  • Jonathan Sargent 7 years ago

    dont trip i freaked out on my first tattoo also, now ive got a half sleeve
    and a back piece and random ones on my other arm. no worries some ppl
    handle it differently. besides the thong kept me watching

  • Rebecca Johnston 7 years ago

    @ninidqninidq14 yeah it hurt pretty bad the closer he got to my hip bone
    the more it hurt but it wasnt bad enough to make me cry or anything. it
    honestly just feels like someone cutting you with a knife.

  • jjg991 7 years ago

    Nice thong

  • Suicidesilencefanify 7 years ago

    you look 15

  • Greg Rasmussen 7 years ago

    love this haha, I couldn’t help but laugh.

  • PhantomOfTheHummus 7 years ago

    Nothing wrong with that. ^_^

  • JessCupcake92 7 years ago

    kay so i’m ten seconds in, no freak out yet, but I have a hip tattoo as
    well and mine took 2hrs 40min and I admit I cried the last
    10-15minutes…Even my artist said hip is one of the hardest, worst places
    to ink…

  • James Garza 7 years ago

    just wait your gonna end up getting inked all over lol