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Talking about my belly buttton – These are my piercings and tattoo, thanks for watching 🙂 Where i got my tattoo a…



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  • What made u get an industrial? Looks cute on u 🙂 do u plan to get any other

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    @mouthymichelle well i had mine frozen, so i didnt feel a thing 🙂 my
    friend however nearly fainted. Everyone’s different 🙂

  • Lucija Bilaver 6 years ago

    i love the tatto…im geting one at the same place…and im planing to get
    it on both sides 🙂

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    About 40 minutes from Newcastle!!

  • Elysia Hardie 6 years ago

    Happy Birthday for Yesterday <3

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    thanks, i dont know, no not at all, but ive wanted it for way longer than i
    wanted my industrial 🙂

  • Ur very brave to get ur industrial done:)) looks amazing on u:)) ur not
    scared to get ur tongue done?:) how come girls that have their industrial
    done ether have a tongue bar or want their tong pierced?:))

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    Because I like them, and they’ve all settled down now.

  • Meesh W 6 years ago

    Did your belly button peircing hurt ???

  • callofduty60 6 years ago

    considering you’ve responded badly to most of ur piercings why keep getting

  • Cindy Marcone 6 years ago


  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    Aww thanks 🙂

  • sammiebear0430 6 years ago

    You were at one point talking about colored tattoos and the pain level, the
    colored tattoo are the same level of pain. They are usually the the same
    price (at least where I live) long as you don’t have a whole ton of it.

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    @CMSKZY 18th november? Best day hahaaa

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    @LVGIRLS1 aww thank you 🙂

  • LVGIRLS1 6 years ago

    Cute belly piercing and tat!!

  • Elysia Hardie 6 years ago

    Were abouts are you from in the Uk?

  • skullsandroses18 6 years ago

    @inrussian to be honest i just liked what it looked like 🙂 thanks, erm i
    really want my nose and my tounge pierced!