Added by on December 11, 2013 Getting a neck tattoo..? Check out thousands of high quality tattoo designs, styles and pictures online in over 40 hot tattoo ca…



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  • ryan215553 7 years ago

    0:57 one of those is what i want! but how much do they cost?

  • cheetahprint100 7 years ago

    man some people will just have the uglyest tattos ever

  • tvguitarlessons12 7 years ago

    Nice designs, i want one

  • StupidFucktardz 7 years ago

    getting a tatoo this year. for fuck sake. );

  • Sir Da 7 years ago

    theyr all stupid

  • AngelzInTehAfterlife 7 years ago

    lmao head and body:D

  • sk8ter0069 7 years ago


  • StupidFucktardz 7 years ago

    these are all shit

  • 2sexy4ubeaches 7 years ago

    @sunnyangel96 is it same if I wanna be a cop!?

  • SelGomezFan4Lifee 7 years ago

    1:05 the stars on the left.. that’s what I want! but not exactly there, I
    want it where the girl at 1:24 has her butterflies tattoo

  • FilipinaFUKKAH 7 years ago

    hahaha … the “/head – body” one is original…

  • sunnyangel96 7 years ago

    i would get a neck tattoo but it’s automatic diqualification if your trying
    to join any army corps. im going for the marines once i turn 18