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  • Kyle Anderson Tadlan 5 years ago

    how much it cost?

  • ivan antunez 5 years ago

    Yea fuck off its his life and he knows what hes doing. Ive had plenty of
    jobs with coworkers with neck tatz. Its sick by the way

  • oqdoxx17 5 years ago

    looks fucking sick

  • Zoltan ibn Abdul-Muqtadir ibn Aladdin Al-Zayed 5 years ago

    Your ears though.

  • outkast781 5 years ago

    i take oxi wen i get tatted

  • adam eames 5 years ago

    ive gt full neck tattoo all can say is takes alot of courage and have big
    ass balls nice job

  • OBLOCK MUNNAGANG 5 years ago

    how the hell are you suppose to heal that?

  • MrGlennz0r 5 years ago

    Gotta be covered before you can go throat yo!

  • JW4BS 5 years ago

    I know people who get that much for walking in in the morning.

  • MrGlennz0r 5 years ago

    This kid is stupid. Probably one of those people who started their sleeves
    at their hands. lol.

  • Rhyc Myhill 5 years ago

    @P3ANUT89 Mine didnt

  • Thick Twinky 5 years ago

    thats sweet dude I love it

  • m3d1cation330 5 years ago

    Ducking so awesome sign me up!

  • MSharma27 5 years ago

    @KommadorCuddles2 That’s awesome man I’m a huge fan of his work.

  • William Wonder 5 years ago

    Great! Now he’ll never work again!

  • DexFawcett 5 years ago

    I think he should have spent the money on getting his ears fixed instead.

  • allanshawn 5 years ago

    never met any one with a tattoo on their neck that wasn’t a pill head

  • MrGlennz0r 5 years ago

    @helllloiloveyou good luck with those hand tattoos

  • Ekoet Evrykinger 5 years ago

    @DuMb666SkUlL kinda…but not really more like a very annoying mosquito

  • zaqua3 5 years ago

    @stevenbeechy Yeah it for me was like as bad as the side of my neck plus
    like 3/4 the pain so it was 175% as bad as the side of my neck but thats
    just me everybody is different

  • monkeyspak 5 years ago

    Wtf! Who fucking cares how many tattoos you have and where they are
    located. Leave this dude alone, who gives a fuck if he wants to start with
    his neck. I think it’s smart, it’s easy street from there. But anyways
    great piece bro!

  • jjfatty33 5 years ago

    Tattoos do hurt. It really depends on your tolerance to pain. I’m 17 and I
    have 6 tattoos.

  • KommadorCuddles2 5 years ago

    I Can’t Wait To Get Mine. I’m Getting An Alex Pardee Artwork From My Throat
    To My Chest.

  • txoutlawgsxr 5 years ago

    @P3ANUT89 hm mine dont?

  • jan bøgle 5 years ago

    @ManWitSkillzZ its not THAT painfull..of course it does not feel good. but
    its nothing to cry about…my first tattoo on the backside of the leg is
    the most painfull i have..

  • mark mogar 5 years ago

    tattooes do ot hurt as my dad always told me if u cry ur a pussy n u dnt
    get inked

  • ThePhantomity 5 years ago

    @Ishbu101 So uh.. why don’t you quit being a bitch and let people live…

  • darylescape 5 years ago

    @CrynOut i have both sides done mate its hurts like hell lol

  • Robbie Gotcher 5 years ago

    that shit must of hurt like a bitchhhhhhhhhh

  • ber gqv 5 years ago

    @P3ANUT89 my tatttoos didnt itch at all:S

  • Shawn Randall 5 years ago

    @MVSXE ?

  • ik0p0nyzi 5 years ago

    Gnarly forsure ! 10/10

  • Gianni Delapaz 5 years ago

    damn its true the rose look like pussy hehe

  • EMZ2T7 5 years ago

    @P3ANUT89 i heard that but i got my first one done about 3 weeks agao and
    its healed and it didnt itch a bit

  • Steash07 5 years ago

    you gotta suffer a lot my friend

  • rebillion12345 5 years ago

    how does it feel to get a tatto im thinking about getting one on my forearm
    and im 16 so please tell

  • OMERTAITALIA 5 years ago

    is that a vagina in the middle?

  • TKyOwolf89 5 years ago

    This is an ILL ass tattoo very clean shading and yeah fuck the haters you
    can have tattoos cover your body and get a bomb job the people saying you
    cant probably dont have a good job them selves and they dont have one i say
    have as many as you want

  • 2sexy4ubeaches 5 years ago

    I want my 1st tatto to be on my neck

  • tattoosleeve18 5 years ago

    I work at walmart and I’m covered with tattoos. You can get a decent job as
    long as your visible tattoos are not vulgar or offensive. Everyone who says
    that you can’t get a job if you have tattoos, you fuckin retarded.
    Seriously if you don’t like the video or tattoos even for that matter then
    why in the he’ll are you watching. Dumbasses

  • xjryanrussellx 5 years ago

    What a TOOL !!!!!!!!!!

  • 1onlyCRProductions 5 years ago

    @P3ANUT89 btw i owe an apology haha i got my sleeve last friday ! and it
    didnt ich until today haha its just started scabing ! haha itched like a
    bitch all day in work hahaha lol my badd !