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I wanted to start off by saying. Go to the site in the video at your own risk. People can post addresses to shock videos in their videos. Damn it this is jus…



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  • Skippy's Blogs 6 years ago

    How painful was that? eweehrvewevfge that’s disturbing… I like it.

  • jordan lampkin 6 years ago

    that is so stupid

  • Rania Jaouahdou 6 years ago

    oh im in this side in internet again … im gonna leave for fucks sake

  • goran166 6 years ago

    What a fucking fagget

  • taylor king 6 years ago

    OUCCHHHHYYYY!!!!! gotta hurt

  • tom wakelin 6 years ago

    cannibal corpse play during vid!!!

  • Adam Farkas 6 years ago

    This turned out pretty bad

  • goran166 6 years ago

    I hope he lost his eye sight

  • Willbryan Medina 6 years ago

    His just colring it his not actually getting it tattooed

  • Salem Clark 6 years ago

    Ink* and have you ever had a tattoo of any kind? it does that on your skin
    at first too..

  • Lady M 6 years ago

    @P4nzerk93 Actually, the conjunctiva is very, very sensitive. Its what
    hurts when you get something in your eye. Its also the reason they used to
    use cocaine as an anaesthetic for eye surgeries. Not enough for any
    intersting effect, but still….

  • Sudenpentu100 6 years ago

    That hurt >.<

  • wladyslaw koss 6 years ago

    this video is fucking nasty but it looks so sick after

  • FreddieMercuryOwns 6 years ago

    Brain surgery is performed without anesthesia in a sense, the surface is
    drugged but the brain isn’t, also, most of the time you will be awake
    during brain surgery, so they know if they are doing okay. They ask you
    questions and stuff to see if your computer isn’t damaged.

  • xx2RAHxx 6 years ago

    They arent doing that right….

  • Ariannna Mccoy 6 years ago


  • Rodrigo Canchola 6 years ago

    no anestesia? :S

  • PhearMonkey666 6 years ago


  • LeonHD 6 years ago

    Rock is some shitty music simple no talent

  • Paullestrada 6 years ago

    This is a fail the paint isn’t even staying lol hate 2be the guy getting it

  • DJrobitekzz 6 years ago

    if the tatto guy go to deep with hes needle that guys one fucked up eye more

  • iNoob24x7 6 years ago

    So he got snot tattooed on his eyes? Lovely.

  • lucas de salvo 6 years ago

    holly shit, love this, ill do that, fuck yeah

  • iGeekMaori 6 years ago

    This helps me sleep

  • willnreno 6 years ago

    Whoever is doing the tattoo has no idea what they are doing. The ink isnt
    even staying. The dude is just stabbing his eye over and over. Fucking
    moron. smh

  • XshopaholicX09 6 years ago

    @p4nzerk93 you seriously think they do brain and eye surgery without
    anesthesia? Wow your a full blown retard.

  • xxTsunamiTigerxx 6 years ago

    I thought his eye cam out

  • jaykhob ketlr 6 years ago

    Big goof

  • badboysmemo7 6 years ago

    omggg awwww :OOOOO o.O Omggggggggggggg

  • TheKingOfKings 6 years ago

    Nasty but cool

  • JungolistMassif 6 years ago

    I want my corneas tatted so everything i look at is pink!

  • deathtodavidcameron 6 years ago

    Didn’t work lol

  • lea009full 6 years ago

    What a piece of shit of music daaaaammmnnnn!

  • cover821 6 years ago

    that is so stupid. this man must be suicidal or something

  • EmeraldGamingNewz 6 years ago

    really paint? ur supposed to inject ink into ur eye

  • Yalokin006 6 years ago

    That shit only looks fucked up >.>

  • DorCKyChick09 6 years ago

    who the fuck does that!!!

  • pilinga357 6 years ago

    wrong ppl , wrong materials this should be marked as fail videos,… they
    hear eye tattoo and the first thing they think is tattoo instruments.. i
    love how idiots wonder… please dont let this morons wonder with real guns
    … they will be in the 6 o’clock news