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Older lady getting her butterfly Tattoo using Drnumb numbing cream chasing her dream and enjoying the no pain tattoo procedure. You can visit http://www.drnu…



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  • Lexes R 7 years ago

    .. Somebody has one cool ass grandma.

  • CoenLamont 7 years ago

    naw man lol both my parents are doctos and my aunts a tattoo artist. I know all about infections and how tattoos work. get your shit together.

  • theegokiller87 7 years ago

    naw man you dont know wtf your talkin about we as tattoo artist use this stuff all the time and they are fine so get your facts straight before tryin to look smart when really all you did was make yourself look like a dumbass

  • Mocloh 7 years ago

    or dont get tattoos at all because you usually look stupid unless you just got one like not showing

  • crazyfoxx1991 7 years ago

    That’s why you get all the tats you want when your young lolz..

  • CoenLamont 7 years ago

    lol this is very staged. 1. any GOOD tattoo artist would never let her do that. because any cream can make the ink run and make the tattoo needle no puncture properly. and 2. any cream or lotion can cause tattoos to get infected.

  • SweetLittleMelodies 7 years ago

    THANK you. Finally someone who explains it lol. Pain isn’t nessicary.. and if you know you cant handle something personally, why not make it easier on yourself?

  • wendy griffith 7 years ago

    dumb ass old lady

  • emmajd1 7 years ago

    Its not insulting to anyone. What someone else does when they get a tattoo has no connection to you at all. You’re just putting yourself on a pedestal because you wanted to feel the pain.
    To me the pain is nothing to do with the tattoo. Tattoos are about art.
    If you need to feel the pain in order for your tattoo to be respected in your eyes, then you are crazy.

  • envyitnikkuh 7 years ago

    What I mean is it takes away from the experience and in a sense it’s like cheating. It’s kind of insulting for those of us who actually endured the pain of receiving one. Tattoos are meant to hurt, it’s what makes the experience that much meaningful but that’s just my opinion.

  • envyitnikkuh 7 years ago

    Getting a tooth pull is something necessary, not something you get by choice like a tattoo. As I see it, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen so you shut the fuck up.

  • emmajd1 7 years ago

    Well most people get a tattoo for the art…not the pain. So the point in getting the tattoo is for the art….

  • drawn2love 7 years ago

    I cant handle needles and im being honest when I say I cry like a bitch LOL but numbing cream? give me a damn tub of cream! haha

  • ladydw69 7 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with numbing cream….I’m sure u wld want to be numb to get a tooth pull or surgery so shut the hell up

  • YO cywu 7 years ago

    so cuteeeee!!!

  • foreverbp1 7 years ago

    its not about the pain its about the art.

  • 311Ceriah 7 years ago

    HAHAH How cute , she said her veins are sticking up like worms

  • envyitnikkuh 7 years ago


  • artbrained 7 years ago

    but there’s not thrill without the pain!

  • Jordan Ryan 7 years ago

    @TheBitchesHate Hey yeah i would say ametop would work for waxing legs. Ive heard it works for laser hair removal so it should definitly help with waxing. Hope thats helps!

  • TheBitchesHate 7 years ago

    Hey thanx for the comment, Do u think this willl be good if i want to WAX my LEGS ?

  • Jordan Ryan 7 years ago

    @chaki79 i have used dr numb before, i found it to not be a very good product, yes it will numb the skin for 2-3hours BUT it made my skin very dry and i bled alot more than i usually did. I have also tried ametop, that product i highly recommend, you can get it in most chemists and it didnt make my skin dry or irritated and it lasted around 3hours on my thigh

  • jokericon00 7 years ago

    So far i have heard positive reviews from people, it seems to be real.

  • chaki79 7 years ago

    has anyone used this cream before is this a scam or what hit me back