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  • eRa Hazh 5 years ago

    Y is ally’s mum always round there house? Someone reply been wanting to
    know for ages!!!

  • magzire 5 years ago

    Really terrible tattoo.. Sorry

  • Brian Brace 5 years ago

    video should be called terrible new tattoo

  • AusMumma111 5 years ago

    I didn’t think people doing chemo could/should get tattoos.. Only because
    it’s very easy to get a bug or infection and it spread and get sick, the
    same as for pregnant woman.. 

  • Robert Brown 5 years ago

    It’s too hard sometimes to achieve “dreams”.

  • Adam Murray 5 years ago

    Why the fuck would u get a tattoo there they are disgusting

  • Allein Maverick 5 years ago

    Horrible tattoo !!

  • catquack 5 years ago

    I personally don’t like tattoos. Why ruin a naturally beautiful body? But
    of course everyone has to make these decisions on their own. As
    always, wishing you well. 

  • randomness051 5 years ago

    never seen those 2 girls before, who are they?

  • Edtweet 5 years ago


  • JessySketch 5 years ago

    I would say”dumb” tattoo but I see it have a meaning behind it. Usually
    people get tattoos that have no meaning.I like the font of the tat :).But
    in my opinion the tattoo should of been smaller and in a different area. 

  • Imyournewpeppep 5 years ago

    Yes it’s a big awful tattoo in that horrible cursive font thing that
    wannabe gangsters get. but to be fair he’s stared death in the face a few
    times recently so he can pretty much do whatever he wants as long as it
    isnt hurting anyone.

  • Chaos10110 5 years ago

    My mental age is 34.

  • Angela Propis 5 years ago

    I always wondered why Alli’s Mom was always around too. She was always
    around even BEFORE Charles got sick and had seizures. It seemed whenever
    Alli had friends over and Alli was drinking, lauren would be there too. I
    thought something was wrong with Alli.
    I can understand that Charles can’t be left alone because of his seizures,
    but even when Alli is there, Lauren is too. Is it that Alli would freak out
    if she was alone with Charles???? I don’t know the answer.

  • MineCraftNERD 5 years ago


  • UniqueAngel9 5 years ago

    My dream was to go to Law School,it came true this month. I was accepted at
    one school and waitlisted at my dream school so no matter what happens I
    get to live my dream :)

  • Humeira Patel 5 years ago

    Alli what lipstick colour are you wearing? It looks HOT! Really suits you
    girl! <3

  • dragonbrad98 5 years ago

    I have one of those Rootbeer kits.. it takes weeks to make one bottle. 

  • CookingwithKarma 5 years ago

    The tattoo came out awesome!! Make sure you rub Bepanthen cream in it too!

  • Smiling Seoul 5 years ago

    It will serve as a constant reminder Charles & we’re all proud of you.
    Those girls are adorable & should be on TV haha :D

  • FriendsofEnemiesBand 5 years ago

    “My oven’s singing to me.” hahahha lmao love you guys. :)

  • TheFunnyrats 5 years ago

    Charles you need to hack that oven so that it sings some we the kings!!

  • HannahNoelle2158 5 years ago

    “…My oven’s singin’ to me.” LOL!

  • hakzor 5 years ago

    wtf was that ment to be at 4:14 :o

  • melon tard 5 years ago

    happy birthday kobe :D

  • Jamie Knox 5 years ago

    ( ◕‿◕)/ Enjoying my Holiday Season with positive positive cheer from the
    *Trippy’s* & *We The Kings* ~SomeWhere, Somehow! (⌒▽⌒)/

    Checkout Charles, Travis, Hunter, Danny, & Coley: =(⌒‿⌒)….
    ….. …… ……. ….. ….

    #newtraditions #happyholidayseveryone 

  • BubbleeezGamez 5 years ago

    that tattoo guy has big wide eyes