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Heres a video of my rambling on about pipes, music, and tattoos! Make sure to subscribe and also answer my question how long do you rest a pipe after smoking…



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  • PipenMissionary 7 years ago


  • PipenMissionary 7 years ago

    my basket pipe was an awesome pipe I say was cause I just broke the stem on it I do have a lot nicer pipes now that I smoke out of more now but i was a great little puffer!!

  • TheTobaccoburner 7 years ago

    I pack my bowls one after the other and then make sure my pipes gets a good cleaning at the end of the day. Note: if you have a cheap basket pipe it may get hot and or even burn through.

  • Hamburgerlar77 7 years ago

    I love christian metalcore, Country. and worship music! old school newsboys, jars of clay, DC talk! You get it man!

  • Hamburgerlar77 7 years ago

    I have tattoos as well brother and it dosent mean I love Jesus any less or that he loves me any less. And Jesus did have body piercings 😉 he got pierced for us! My tattoos are a cross surrounded by thorns and above that are 2 doves holding a banner that says psalm 91. Jesus loves us no matter what I mean come on he made us he knows that we are knuckle heads but he loves us regardless, and when I think about that I wanna glorify him in everything I do!

  • Acaciavet 7 years ago

    Great Vid youg man.

    Up Spirits

  • PipenMissionary 7 years ago

    Thanks Man! means a lot I am in the hopes the Lord will use me through my channel well i should say “his” channel! do you think I come off as a pushy Christian I have been praying that I don’t and that people see that Living with Christ and walking with HIm is not all about “rules rules rules” but rather the more you walk with him the more it becomes an adventure and the more your love grows the more you change with out knowing it!

  • jerryspipe 7 years ago

    Think your a GREAT PERSON!