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  • JasonHam41 7 years ago

    @crouchtrac awsome im going tattoo shop tommorrow to get an arm and
    shoulder tribal designed

  • serbianbeast1 7 years ago

    1:08 – kind of what I’m looking for

  • StraightEdgeBoy619 7 years ago

    the one at 1:08 was bad ass

  • 111sully111 7 years ago

    wat song

  • zebrinydeep01 7 years ago

    1:23 Classic!

  • coolfunstuff101 7 years ago

    Nice designs man, thanks for posting

  • JasonHam41 7 years ago

    @crouchtrac i dont think so, i think the arm was good but bad design on

  • Diegozxv 7 years ago

    how much would it be to get a shoulder one lie 0:49 or 0:52? cause im
    thinking of getting one 🙂

  • crouchtrac 7 years ago

    @JasonHam41 yeah the arm looks great, they over done it with the chest. I
    would love something like that, arm only though.

  • sofia krazov 7 years ago

    I love the one at 1:47

  • devastation salas 7 years ago

    0:53 is a sik pic i mite get that tattoo

  • duncanvella 7 years ago

    ye i like that one man get it

  • PrEtTyGeRiSr90 7 years ago

    OMG! i wanna have 1 like that on my back but! (0:59) its the best..

  • crouchtrac 7 years ago

    1:06…. you have to be a muscular bastard to pull that one off