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  • Zushikatetomoto Shift 7 years ago

    stick with want you got and don’t be something your not. B&Y 13

  • Zushikatetomoto Shift 7 years ago


  • Mackenzie Miller 7 years ago

    I personally do not like tattoos much at all, but getting one in a foreign language you don’t know I agree is stupid.

  • Gimmeaflakeman 7 years ago

    Dude, this video is 4 months old and NOW you tell me? LOL. FYI the sound was crap and a dozen other people beat you to the punch and it was fixed MONTHS ago! Now get with the program! LOL!

  • Dontain 7 years ago

    Victor. I love this setup for your “stage” but holy shit, the audio is coming out of one speaker. Please fix asap, thanks.

  • Rikud0S3nnin 7 years ago

    I was planning on getting “Ai” (愛) on the left side of my chest.

  • Rikud0S3nnin 7 years ago

    Can foreigners join Yakuza? Just curious.

  • Lisa Walker 7 years ago

    I saw an English girl with a tatoo 気違い (kichigai) which means ”mental psycho”….

  • Flastew 7 years ago

    I agree with you and have seen some tattoos that when you decipher then are way different than what the owner thought.

  • billy cisco 7 years ago

    is that a one piece flag or a shirt? either way it’s nice to see a fellow nakama.

  • cheruchaninjapan 7 years ago

    Google “Hanzi Smatter!” The site has a ton of idiotic tattoos from people who can’t read kanji.

    I think that even if you -are- fluent in Japanese, it can be risky to get a tattoo in Japanese. Unless the person tattooing you also speaks Japanese, they often do it wrong just because they don’t know. I’ve heard horror stories of flipped characters, missing strokes, incorrect strokes, “stylizing,” etc. that change the entire meaning and isn’t what the person intended even if they do know Japanese.

  • trip1666 7 years ago

    Bro, dude you look way better without beard… God.. im becoming a girl or someting? its my 2 time today.. -.-

  • Actingskint 7 years ago

    Tattoos in any language are stupid . The most beautiful bodies are unmarked by an inky scrawl .

  • unQuishable 7 years ago

    To keep things simple; the Japanese equivalent of the Mafia.

  • jverdi 7 years ago

    Yeah, she should just leave it to “Yume”. I think the other way is distasteful and kinda cheesy

  • steph hernandez 7 years ago

    i agree. i would never get something in a another language im not fluent in…but i already have 4 tattoos so yea

  • CocoaTarteNoix 7 years ago


  • CocoaTarteNoix 7 years ago

    but looks uneducated.

  • Yuriy Stetskiv 7 years ago

    Do you watch One Piece?

  • talim67 7 years ago

    simply, it’s a gang

  • Vargdis Åslund 7 years ago

    what about asian women?

  • AnimeMangaOtakuAkG 7 years ago

    What exactly is a yakuza? I’ve heard the term so many times, but I never found out. :/

  • Ragebeast W.L. 7 years ago

    Hahahaha xD Im dying here xP

  • TheFubarish 7 years ago

    Some places in Japan won’t even let you in if you have a tattoo. The guy from TheJapanChannelDcom did a video where he went to a water park and the had a sign out front that said no tattoos. Some places just make you cover them up. HannahInJapana did a video where she went to an in door pool. They made her husband cover his tattoos(he is Japanese) but she didn’t have to because she is a foreigner.

  • Gimmeaflakeman 7 years ago

    Foreigners with tattoos are NEVER assumed to be Yakuza.

  • Luda Krys 7 years ago

    Are females with tattoos looked down upon in Japan? Will Japanese people think they’re part of the yakuza? Will they be scared?

  • ggj23f3136 7 years ago

    ぼく 日本語知ったから 教えてあげる? えらそうに

  • Gamesquad8889 7 years ago

    one piece flag is awesome

  • BlueStrawberryRice 7 years ago

    If she wants to come to Japan and live here for any period of time she should avoid tattoos period. Before I got married to my husband (Japanese) I was thinking of getting a tattoo to commemorate my years at Uni (stupid right). He warned me that if I get a tattoo he will not marry me because he wants to move to Japan after graduation and having a tattoo is a disadvantage to people who live in Japan. Also the in-laws forbid tattoos. I am glad I did not, I am sure I would’ve regretted it.

  • TervelBG 7 years ago

    In chinese 女力 is pronounced Nu3 Li4 ( Number 3 is third tone, number 4 or forth tone ) Nu means woman, while Li means strenght / force. So yeah, basicly NuLi means girl power.

  • Chasatani 7 years ago

    I actually saw a picture of an Asian woman making fun of the people who get kanji and Chinese symbols as tattoos. She had written in sharpie the English word water on her collar bone. I thought it was brilliant to show people how stupid they look.

  • ☠Cynarchy 7 years ago

    Hey Victor

    What are your thoughts on having 騎士道 (kishidou) as a tattoo? I am planning to go to Japan later on in life but what would the impression be if a well-composed gaijin foreigner from America like myself was found wearing that tattoo? Thanks if you reply.

  • Imagination Bubble 7 years ago

    just but ur name in katakana ..!!

  • Brice Rising 7 years ago

    just bought that whiskey, thanks for the suggestion its great