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Taboo: SUNDAYS at 9p et/pt : Which is more taboo to you? Find out what these unsuspecting viewers consider…



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  • Christina T. 6 years ago

    i would be to scarred to tattoo my eyeball just cause I’d be afraid that
    there could be a risk of the ink causing blindness. I think the eyeball
    thing looks kindove cool though for a scary look depending on what you get
    but me personally I would just get contacts if I really wanted to change my

  • NativexoxKisses 6 years ago


  • JaceDarks 6 years ago

    the horns are more taboo in my opinion

  • blueangels14 6 years ago

    I can understand this to a certain extent but still, *cringe* why would you
    want to do something as dangerous and I assume as painful as this, when you
    can buy contacts?
    To be unique, or cool? If it means something to you or you like yourself
    better with that that’s fine all the more power to you, but what happens if
    you regret it later, I don’t think you can get it removed.

  • George Anderson 6 years ago

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  • StaticJolts 6 years ago

    Stupid to tattoo eyeballs……good way to go blind

  • XxMuRD3RFaCExX 6 years ago

    Eye tattoo makes you look like a chimp.

  • tom5243 6 years ago

    or people are just doing something different to stick out?

  • helloasroma 6 years ago

    That black guy’s got it

  • CasyCatastrophe 6 years ago

    I wouldn’t want either. I’ll stick to more normal body modifications like
    tattoos on the skin.

  • Kevin Benoit 6 years ago

    Oh I thought he was calling the people in the video freaking out about body
    modification dumb! Let me just go and unlike that post…

  • myjohnson666 6 years ago

    You’re Kinda right. I agree that it doesn’t make them dumber and i myself
    would love having some cool eyes. But then idk, because i feel like it
    would be much easier to get contacts that do the same. would be much less
    painful, cheaper, and easier to come by. Not to mention it only changes the

  • TeamCakeCakeCake 6 years ago

    just because people want to modify their body doesnt make them dumber,
    granted atm its not the smartest thing but honestly if i had the
    capabilities to get riddicks eyes i would in a heart beat

  • ShinaFirestar 6 years ago

    Just because they are Asian doesn’t mean they watch anime, and contacts can
    do wonders for anime eye colors.

  • they have full eye contacts, they are called “sclera”…

  • broshaman 6 years ago

    Yeah for the iris, not the eyeball itself.

  • MasterChild117 6 years ago

    I’m surprised the Asian girls said no, because in lots of anime nowadays
    you see lots of them with unnatural eye colors that suggest eye tattoos.

  • Kim S. 6 years ago

    I honestly Love how it looks on him though @1:10 but yeah I’d never get
    that done,lol.

  • Ashley Taylor 6 years ago

    Horns.. ugh omg!!!

  • Megan Welsh 6 years ago

    id get red tattoo eyes but looks way to painful

  • Tattoo your eyeball? they have contacts for that

  • Richard Solorio 6 years ago

    People are weak.

  • Connor Priebe 6 years ago

    The eyeballs look cool, but the procedure looks horrific

  • Xaxton Revolution 6 years ago

    And how would you remove the tattoo without destroying your eyeball?

  • FightForTheArts 6 years ago

    This is way less stupid than the masses of people watching Honey Boo Boo
    and that damned Kardashian show.

  • FightForTheArts 6 years ago

    I want horns… But real ones, not this boob implant shit these people have
    going on.

  • Richard Stifle 6 years ago

    Tattooed eyes, bizarre, dangerous, and bad ass looking.

  • Darrell Milner 6 years ago

    People who have lost their minds…

  • Raymond Kirk Ramos 6 years ago