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WHAT I AM WEARING Jumper: Motel Rocks at Hat: Topshop Necklace: Freedom at Topshop Lipstick: Orange by Bobbi Brown Nail polish: Pillar Box b…



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  • Soph Alex 7 years ago

    I hate it when people say that I’m going to regret it when I’m a grandma.
    I’ll just be the bad ass grandma that all the kids love.

  • FashionRocksMySocks 7 years ago

    then don’t watch?

  • FashionRocksMySocks 7 years ago

    well I love it so thank god, because I’m the one who has it one me, not you!

  • hollywoodcandids 7 years ago

    HOLY COW! That dream catcher tattoo is AWESOME!! was just a google image or
    did your see it at the tattoo’s shop? LOVE

  • FashionRocksMySocks 7 years ago

    thanks! and no it was hand drawn on my the artist 🙂 good artists won’t use
    other people work unless you draw it yourself or it’s for a valid reason!

  • Butterswap 7 years ago

    I’m in love with all your tattoos! Also, I don’t think you’ll regret your
    triangle tattoo, because that’s actually an alchemical symbol they used. It
    is the symbol for air and means “warmth and moistness, associations with
    breath, life, communication, and the Holy Spirit”. Just some side
    information. I started watching your videos about a year ago, and I must
    say I dearly love your style, as well!

  • spicywickedme 7 years ago

    when I spotted that wrist tat you have in one of your vids I knew: ECHELON!

  • metube44metube 7 years ago

    @kmxunve u’re right. i know you were also thought it might be a fake
    promise. Listen to this, even my friend got the maybelline mascara for
    nothing after signup in this site. if you wanna try just try now >

  • isamessas 7 years ago

    ECHELON <3

  • HelloImElsa 7 years ago

    None of your tattoos bled? What?! I’m in shock

  • Emili Wednesday 7 years ago

    So cliché. Overly done tattoos. But they are done beautifully.

  • Cindy Oliva 7 years ago

    30 seconds to mars!!! Do or Die <3 btw I love your tattoos mostly your

  • Ellie Nicholls 7 years ago

    I love all your tattoos apart from your thigh one

  • Fra Gö 7 years ago

    I was thinking about getting a tattoo on my left arm similar to yours that
    says “Don’t cry because it’s over …” just with another text. Your tattoos
    are really pretty and inspiring.

  • Denelle Davis 7 years ago

    @Gemma Davis, that place isn’t too bad. Around the bone is slightly
    sensitive but on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the pain about a 3.

  • Gemma Davis 7 years ago

    how painful was your ‘don’t cry because..’ tattoo because I really want 5
    birds there but I’m really bad with pain!!

  • Andrew Woodhead 7 years ago

    You may like tattoos but you’re tattos are random quick splodgy things. Not
    impressed but love the passion.

  • Ceri J 7 years ago


  • myhugesmallworld 7 years ago

    That dreamcatcher tattoo is lush. So beautiful. I really want a
    dreamcatcher on my thigh, also. This will be my first tattoo, and i don’t
    really know what I’m like when it comes to pain because I’ve only ever had
    my ears pierced and that was when I was 7, so 11 years ago now haha! But I
    didn’t cry, but they’re only studs so doesn’t really count towards a tattoo
    haha! I don’t want it as big as yours, only because I want something easily
    hide-able. So how much would you say it hurt? scale 1-10 🙂

  • parisgirlize 7 years ago

    ur painful level is really ironic

  • ilona wapstra 7 years ago

    My parents would also rather let me have tattoos than piercings, it’s so
    wierd O.o I always tought it was a nirvana tattoo, now i feel so stupid :/
    But i really like the shape of the tattoo

  • Simran Randhawa 7 years ago


  • Sarah Hwang 7 years ago

    You remind me of a very young, fresh, Helen Mirren lol

  • Scottish Stan 7 years ago

    This was the first video of your I saw! It was back in April after I got my
    dreamcatcher tattoo I searched ‘dreamcatcher tattoo’ on YouTube and this
    video came up! Love your videos now haha

  • Emma Jacobstein 7 years ago

    Your tats are all SICK! but you have to be extra careful with your weight
    management and how much flabby skin you allow when you’re in your 50’s plus
    (everyone will end up with it) if you want the dream catcher to keep
    looking perfect

  • Olivia Bradley 7 years ago

    Hey! How was the tattoo on the outside of your arm? I am getting my first
    tattoo in that area soon.

  • lapink10 7 years ago

    I think that you wont regret your tattoo if it has a meaning…Like the
    tatto “let it be”!

  • Millie Milz 7 years ago

    you made my day knowing you love 30 Seconds to Mars! i now think you’re my
    favourite youtuber 😉

  • Tonianito 7 years ago

    ARE YOU AN ECHELON!!? wow ♡

  • Crystal Nieves 7 years ago

    Love the 30stm tattoo I have their Provehito In Altum and the A is the
    triad triangle and thinking of a dream catcher

  • Nicole.Michelle.Crazyness 7 years ago

    do u like A7X and/or slipknot?

  • Yee Yee L 7 years ago

    30 seconds to mars! <3 I love your dream catcher one! It's beautiful! Your
    artist is definitely talented! I have one on my foot and the pain was
    bearable. I had to grit my teeth and ball up my fists a few times though,

  • SwedishTourist 7 years ago

    I love the thought of havning a tattoo, because it really looks good and
    I’m curious about it. But I’m worrying that I’d regret it if I had one
    done… So I’ll skip that and go for another ear-ring instead. 🙂

  • Livie Greatbatch 7 years ago

    my parents prefer that I would have tattoos instead of piercings!

  • putrpamed 7 years ago

    I am in love with ur triangle tattoo on ur wrist :DD <3

  • Courtney O'Riordan 7 years ago

    to be honest i don’t like tattoo’s but yours are sooo nice

  • abbie rose 7 years ago

    Have you had anymore tattoos lately?xx

  • Marathonfrau 7 years ago

    what font is your “let it be” tattoo?

  • Niamh Fallowfield 7 years ago

    The birdcage one is STUNNING i want it