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I got the inspiration for my half sleeve tattoo from MTV unplugged. I wanted to create an acoustic session kinda vibe by incorperating a 50’s Mic held by a h…



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  • JB420mikehunt 5 years ago

    @MrClamSmaka …definatley…:p

  • Kevin Carney 5 years ago

    thats looks boss mate i have got seven tattoos so looking to get a half
    sleeve myself now.

  • amalienworkshop 5 years ago

    how much did all of that work cost??

  • Anthony Lane 5 years ago

    @RupertRockStar ok, yesterday i got my forearm tatt to complete my sleeve.
    I got back in 2 weeks for the shading. Your tattoo artist has some serious
    detail skills.

  • Ulquiorra Schiffer 5 years ago

    Haha, im not getting one this year, How much did yours cost? 🙂

  • NuclearZeroD 5 years ago

    I dont know why so many people disliked this it a really cool tattoo

  • MrClamSmaka 5 years ago

    looks great mate 🙂 im tattooed myself got an 8hour session booked this
    monday actually, guys if your watching this vid and are seriously thinking
    about having your 1st tattoo be warned once u get one ya end up wanting a
    shit load more lol

  • P.J. McVarnock 5 years ago

    dude what is that song playing in this video it is awesome?

  • Casey Harris 5 years ago

    thats what i want om my arm a gibson surrounded by thorns and roses when i
    get a full sleeve

  • OrganicHoe 5 years ago

    750 ain’t expensive, swedish tattoeers charge 100-120£ an hour

  • leekrieger564 5 years ago

    very cool mate

  • Simon Jones 5 years ago

    @RupertRockStar An eight and a half hour session? Brutal! Totally paid off
    though, looks awesome.

  • Marcus Black 5 years ago

    Love this – just got 2 tattoos recently – small pieces but good all the
    same – now want my left forearm sleeved with a musical theme and my
    tattooist has given me some good ideas – also want a broken guitar neck
    down my spine! as MrClamSmaka says – once you get one you HAVE to get more!!

  • rocker slash 5 years ago

    hey dude this is a awesome tattoo i want to get something like this great

  • graeme parker 5 years ago

    simply art mate truly beutifule i love it

  • FallenM16 5 years ago

    was that expensive? :/

  • he hype

  • parkballaz 5 years ago


  • stan loban 5 years ago

    yeah depends how long you plan on living….didn’t think of it like that
    did you? if you live like a rock star 750 is a little much

  • KingArthur 5 years ago

    750 is expensive… You pay for what you get but most I’d be willing to pay
    someone a hour is 70 its okay If you have alot of money etc.

  • MrSugartime 5 years ago

    Nice work

  • stan loban 5 years ago

    can i ask a really dumb fucking question…? Y is everybody jocking this
    f/n tat??!!! its only a tat not a Mona Lisa!!! GET OFF HIS DICK!!!!

  • Anthony Lane 5 years ago

    How many sessions did it take to complete your half sleeve?

  • metaldwnunda 5 years ago

    fuckn nice work man

  • justin reese 5 years ago

    Mtv unplugged… Has electric guitar instead of an acoustic…

  • TheFlyingPhoton 5 years ago

    looks good man!

  • jamie henderson 5 years ago

    How much did it cost its amazing

  • j one 5 years ago

    It all started with that Chinese symbol

  • Kelvee Acosta 5 years ago

    Dude this is Totally HOT!!!!!

  • KirkRees1990 5 years ago

    That’s a real nice tattoo fair play! and what is that song in the
    background!? sound awesome!

  • buckseyboy 5 years ago

    I really like the colour dude!

  • stan loban 5 years ago

    no man, cause then it will look like mine!!!:)

  • RupertRockStar 5 years ago

    @bmoreborn79 It took two sessions to complete it, one 8 1/2 hour session
    and one 3 1/2 hour session two weeks apart so in total 12 hours of

  • Mark James 5 years ago

    Really nice Tatt buddy.

  • jordan atchley 5 years ago

    Very nice ink my man!

  • matt b 5 years ago

    Wow great detail and colour, real nice man!

  • RupertRockStar 5 years ago

    It coast me £750. Kinda expensive but it’s there for life so money
    shouldn’t be an issue if you want a Tattoo 🙂

  • Ulquiorra Schiffer 5 years ago

    Hey, man this is the best half sleeve tattoo I’ve ever seen. Do you mind if
    i get the same thing? 🙂