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Finally part 3 of my pain ratings series. Thanks to my little brother Rafael for the help! Check his channel and subscribe at I…



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  • Wafaa Akmal 6 years ago

    Your tattoos are so beautiful & unique. It’s obvious that you are a kid at
    Thanks for the informative video :D

  • steve atkinson 6 years ago

    Fell asleep while I was getting my chest done , hurt alot but I zoned out

  • Tristin 6 years ago

    Thanks for mentioning Jesus at the end. People don’t think Christians can
    have tattoos and still love God. But that’s obviously not true and you are
    A good example of a tattooed Christian!

  • david campbell 6 years ago

    going well until you added imaginary things that live in the sky and look
    over you hmmm :/ strange.. jus like ta thank babybe jebuss n muricaa yeaaaa
    usa! usa! usa!

  • swaggalikechrist 6 years ago

    Now you need to get “Neck on your tattoo” tatted somewhere on you lol

  • DarrylJamar 6 years ago

    1:50 – 2:05 Yep, that’s all I needed to hear.

  • samir sharma 6 years ago

    Great collection bro! Do you get all your work done by the same artist,

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Thank you very much bro! I stopped tattooing and will make a video of that
    soon. 🙂

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Thank you much bro!

  • TheKidWithTheSTI 6 years ago

    My surgeon had a sleeve, of course he had to cover it though

  • Marco Simon 6 years ago

    Nice 😀 I like your tattoos

  • Gustavo Sanches 6 years ago

    I have my chest, and I know what you mean by the chisel man haha.

  • Kassandra Holguin 6 years ago

    you gotta neck on your tattoo??? hahaha

  • FUNning 6 years ago


  • Brandon Fitzpatrick 6 years ago

    i know everybody pain tolerance is different…but how much do a chest
    tattoo hurt? iwant family first and a big bird or something in the

  • DeathAdder83 6 years ago

    you’re too fucking awesome bro, i can’t wait to get my next tattoo.

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Thanks man!

  • IRMossimo 6 years ago

    are u pinoy?

  • madhatter 6 years ago

    Dude your tattoos are badass. I have cartoon/movie characters sleeves as

  • ZBest4Last 6 years ago

    Hey that’s too sick, a presentation of art work wrappped in ink and blood
    to the things you love to the grave, respect man.

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    I work in a somewhat office environment and I cover up all my tattoos. I
    personally prefer hiding them at work.

  • dmoneycash9 6 years ago

    He said neck on tattoo

  • MSlzr1 6 years ago

    Hey, I was wondering how bad you’d think this tattoo (red hot chili peppers
    asterisk) would hurt getting it on the same spot you got Voltron? Just
    straight solid black, bit above the nipple, around 2-2.5 inches in size.
    I’m a skinny guy so i feel like it’ll hurt a lot

  • FUNning 6 years ago


  • JambaBoi 6 years ago

    sup bro? how much does milton charge hourly/session? and how long do u
    think is the wait.

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Probably around 7-8 out of ten if I remember correctly. Not as bad as the
    middle of the chest. Hope that helps and keep me updated

  • George Gardner 6 years ago

    Pain killers/alochol is never a good idea to take before getting a tattoo.
    They’ll thin out your blood lolol. You’ll end up just bleeding a whole lot
    and that’s never fun :/

  • louis greeves 6 years ago

    Wheres your channel?? :O

  • FUNning 6 years ago

    Thanks bro and the support!

  • FUNning 6 years ago


  • Last February 6 years ago

    You have cool taste in tattoos dude. You MUST be a gamer. Got any advice
    for colored chest tattoos? Any cool, but less common designs??