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BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio, Brantford Ontario’s Finest Tattoo Studio! This time it was a HUGE tribal arm piece, drawn up custom on the arm by long time tatt…



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  • Stephanie Camacho 6 years ago

    What needle grouping did you use to fill in the tribal

  • I Could Be Jesus 6 years ago

    Depends on what you think hurts that much. I had my foot done and that
    hurt, but was still bearable. But compared to my ass tattoo I could have
    fallen asleep 🙂

  • lam anson 6 years ago

    the guy look like a nerd

  • I Could Be Jesus 6 years ago

    The ass doesn’t really hurt

  • I Could Be Jesus 6 years ago


  • Lauren Boswell 6 years ago

    Show ya tats show ya tats………… music nowadays have no lyrical talent
    and just loops one fucking verse the entire time. Its a sad fucking world

  • MegaBlackdragon1000 6 years ago

    Nice tat how much was that ??

  • Damien Morling 6 years ago

    Bladedvaults is a dick. The tattoo looks nice and clean so who cares about
    what some ignorant pricks think. Is everyone liked the same thing then what
    would be the point. And as for the tough guy comment, wtf? Fuck the haters

  • Alessa Tziolis 6 years ago

    I’m getting my first tattoo on the 23 😀 sooo excited–3

  • HektahGames 6 years ago

    Wow!!!! Another white boy with a tribal tattoo, .. HOW FUCKING ORIGINAL!!!!

  • Hunter Di Martini 6 years ago

    are you talkin about a tribal tattoo ? or tats just in general. Cause if
    that’s the cause I highly disagree.

  • dean24uk 6 years ago

    anyone know how long this took to do.? was it a two hour session.? i have
    booked in for 2 hours tommorow at 1pm. if someone can give me a answer that
    would be great, any answers after 12 midday uk time tommorow will be
    useless to me. i just need to know how much ink il get in 2 hours with a
    tatoo simular to this, i can email the pic if need be,

  • HektahGames 6 years ago

    and to the uploader:, FUCK YOUR MUSIC TASTE!!!!

  • Jake Brown 6 years ago

    I wonder what tribe he’s from

  • xTrebbell 6 years ago

    did it hurt?

  • whamilton5517 6 years ago


  • MaxSynths 6 years ago

    I think you know that this is not a 2 hours session now lol

  • jfsoccervids 6 years ago

    looks like shit on your little bitch girl arm

  • 2014miltonpanther 6 years ago

    Can sombody help me quick im looking to get tattooed and the guy in the
    verry begining has the tattoos i want 2 stars on my outer chest shoulder
    area dose anybody know if this is a weaker area to get tattooed will it
    hurt ??

  • xmaxfuture 6 years ago

    That shit look fresh as fuck im about to get that $-)

  • Eric Harris 6 years ago

    How much did that cost? I don’t have any tattoo’s and I feel left out not
    having any and I want some like tomowrow but don’t know how much cost for
    tribal don’t have enough I was thinking of getting one done by my friend
    who could get me cheap homeade

  • BladedVaults 6 years ago

    Big tribal sleeves and half sleeves are so shitty cliche. I don’t mind
    tribal, but only Asa background to some great art, and thinner lines that
    are more intricate. This is typical tough guy ignorant douche garbage.

  • Hunter Di Martini 6 years ago

    couple hundred

  • jesse smith 6 years ago

    @2014miltonpanther yes it will hurt lol lot of bone

  • John Conner 6 years ago

    It depends on how much pain you can take Sure, IT WILL hurt no matter what.
    Location, Size, Needle being used, How much shading, etc. I’m getting an
    inner forearm tattoo soon (16) And My pain tolerance is pretty damn high.
    So it should be a breeze…sort of.

  • mcdougzjm 6 years ago

    Sick. How much does something this size cost?

  • TheSilverstab 6 years ago

    it hurts, but after a time it gets like a pleasurable pain, i kinda want
    another tattoo now, just to feel that pain again 😀 getting a tattoo its a
    really awesome experience

  • PtasznikiVideo 6 years ago

    how much for some like this ? ??

  • Jack Plaister 6 years ago

    worst song ever

  • IcAzAlOtTaBlOoD 6 years ago

    pretty sure we all know that

  • Mahek Shaikh 6 years ago

    awesome ……………

  • lewis jones 6 years ago

    good look with your tattoo

  • Hawk Tartaros 6 years ago

    First off, NEVER get a tattoo because you feel left out. The only reason
    you should get one is because YOU want one. Second, don’t get a artist who
    sets the cheapest tattoo’s, make sure you get one who is skilled at it and
    if so pay 100 more than 200 less. Third, If your firend is a skilled artist
    and not just someone who does it for fun by all means let him do it. If not
    search further and get a REAL artist to do it. Last thing, make sure you
    get a tattoo you like and not the first you see.

  • GlitterzAnd RedBottoms 6 years ago

    Omg all black tattoo, must hurt like hell o.o

  • Thehunt1999 6 years ago

    How thick is the needle? How long?

  • Maxim Grachev 6 years ago

    Tattoos look shit without having muscles.

  • HektahGames 6 years ago

    exactly, no real connection or understanding with any tribe yet they
    fucking do it… people this dumb get tribal tattoos just because of
    fashion, no emotional connection. Unoriginal Idiots.

  • BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio - Brantford Tattoo Shop 6 years ago
  • BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio - Brantford Tattoo Shop 6 years ago