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  • thetruthismyopinion 7 years ago

    You thought black would be scary so you went with dark blue….okkkkk….

  • Daniel Alfredo Paz perrone 7 years ago


  • marekiller8 7 years ago

    They’ll face disciplinary actions for tattooing their eyes? “Hey I’m gonna tattoo my eyes!” “NO! No! Bad, bad boys! Sit in the corner!” Lol what bullshit. Let’s make tattoos illegal next, and suicide not far after.

  • steelreal254 7 years ago

    Red Eye Jedi

  • jenn jeffs 7 years ago

    It’s real, I’ve seen it done

  • Lisettee ox 7 years ago

    omg, so funny?

  • mark maguire 7 years ago

    Ha! same here.

  • Santiago Garcia 7 years ago

    That’s sacry :s

  • marisa66able 7 years ago

    this is disturbing

  • mary smith 7 years ago


  • Daniel Geronimo 7 years ago

    There’s no way this is possible you’ll be blind

  • moxchi0421 7 years ago


  • Eddie Romero 7 years ago

    I have ink but that is the ultimate in moronic

  • Carlos patino 7 years ago

    Dam crazy ass hell

  • jay carlos 7 years ago

    I wonder I his eyes would get more red if he smokes weed

  • cypressm8 7 years ago


  • Sasha McCauley 7 years ago

    These people CRAZY!

  • alex bob 7 years ago


  • alex bob 7 years ago

    i am

  • ilikedabigbooty 7 years ago

    imagine in the process he went blind. then he would feel like a dumbass for messing with his eyes

  • manictiger 7 years ago

    They used to use cosmetic contact lenses, but then people were going blind from infections, so they were banned.

    Figure, if cosmetic contact lenses cause that, what do hypodermic needles do?

    These two were just lucky. On a large-scale, there’d be a 30-80% infection rate and a swift federal ban, following it.

  • jamezcua9842 7 years ago

    I want the same thing but to get sasuke eternal mangekyou sharigan

  • Lisa-Marie Chu 7 years ago

    now he looks like he’s high 24/7 😉

  • TheRealMrHatisk 7 years ago

    Yeah cuz i think you give a fuck about that if you are going to be locked up for 70+ years.

  • MrEDDFire 7 years ago

    Open minded, but believes in god, hahahahaha

  • Libressman 7 years ago

    Can you also do card tricks like Gambit?..