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Sept. 12 – The 2011 Beijing Tattoo Convention sees the skin art gaining popularity among young people in China where older generations tend to relate it to e…



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  • ninjaxkai 7 years ago

    yup that might be a reason why

  • CfFial 7 years ago


  • Xinyuan12345 7 years ago

    I heard that the Yakuza wear tatoos… is that true? Just wondering.

  • schmendriks 7 years ago

    @99Helle i dont know, whats the point of wearing different kinds of clothing, instead of just wearing plain grey/brown clothes for practicality?

    whats the point of listening to music, whats the point of drawing, whats the point of spewing your unimportant opinion on some video board

    and whats your problem with looking cool? whats your problem with people expressing importance of certain statements,metaphors? whats the problem with your head?

  • advantage73 7 years ago

    …0:57…”Manifestation of impurity and anti-social activities”…I must concur to a substantial degree. Tattoos seem like a “cry for HELP” to me. Anyway, not my “cup of tea”. Thanks for the post. 😉

  • advantage73 7 years ago

    It’s NOT my “Cup of Tea” LOL! 😉

  • Alexplus20 7 years ago

    Me like tattoos long time.

  • MultiWingnut 7 years ago

    Tattoos are painful?

  • TimmacTR 7 years ago

    tatoos are nice as long as they’re personal and have a good design

  • existentialvoid 7 years ago

    in japan tatoos are a mark of criminality and you ae banned from participating in certain social events because of it. . . so no tatoos for me.

  • mrzack888 7 years ago


  • kimintexas 7 years ago

    If you want to be super cool don’t follow the crowd and never get a tattoo. Try Henna! It’s fun!

  • intuitiveexplorer 7 years ago

    T o n g

  • intuitiveexplorer 7 years ago


  • intuitiveexplorer 7 years ago


  • Masahiro Sekine 7 years ago

    The problem is likely to be hepatitis B:)thanks.