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As the power of the common people of Japan grew in the latter half of the Edo period (18th and 19th century CE) horimono, or traditional Japanese tattoos, be…



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  • flairball 7 years ago

    Wait. Did he say “The mean streets of Tokyo”? …..that’s funny.

  • wackrapsatire 7 years ago

    well,to say the tebori-style “does not hurt” is crap….even getting tattoed with a machine sucks after 2hours..

  • calleroev 7 years ago

    yes. its not speaking from experiance or anything like that at all. i just made it up from the top of my head and not from sitting 15 hours for a tebori

  • zusuky21 7 years ago

    If people can see the tattoo or not doesn’t matter – it’s all about the bearer and nothing else

  • wackrapsatire 7 years ago


  • calleroev 7 years ago

    these documentaries always claim the tebori-style (japanese handmade tattooing) is so painful, but in all honesty it’s less painfull than using machine.

  • NICOTEREjapan 7 years ago


  • frotworth 7 years ago

    You’ve convinced me: I can’t admire anyone who eats at McDonald’s.

  • frotworth 7 years ago

    Blame hip-hop! (I’m only half-serious.)

  • frotworth 7 years ago

    Maybe some people consider (some types of) religion nearly as enslaving as (some types of) government.

  • frotworth 7 years ago

    Lol. Too funny.

  • GrettyBoyCustoms 7 years ago

    Naruto OST 1 soundtrack brought me here

  • Mokkari77 7 years ago

    their the IRS tax men of Japan

  • krfitsz 7 years ago


  • Roberto Salari 7 years ago

    Cocaine leads anywhere. lawl.

  • duy kanto 7 years ago

    why does the last words is in japanese? what was that mean?

  • graphite pearl 7 years ago

    Yakuza style is not Samurai follower and Bushi-do.
    Yakuza has another style, which derivation is different from Bushi(Samurai).
    It’s Ninkyou-do.(任侠道).

  • Stikibits 7 years ago

    In Japan, fireman also have tattoos. Not to be grizzly, but it obviously makes identifying a burnt body much easier.
    The Japanese do not fear yakuza. More so, Japanese society lives peacefully with yakuza. Go to any big Matsuri (festival) in Japan, you’ll be interacting with yakuza. There are other activities where you’ll find yakuza, such as vice largely due to prohibition as in too many societies everywhere: gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc. Even then, there’s no need to fear yakuza.

  • Lee Fotas 7 years ago

    so it that good or bad. they distribute rice to disaster victims

  • MrCreeper1680 7 years ago

    lol, fucking comedy guy brought me here.

  • BlackMoonRis1ng 7 years ago

    No because that kind of tattoo is for yakuzas, thats why normal people fear them, lol if they dont have that tattooes in their body, they will be look as a normal person

  • TeddieBearClaw 7 years ago

    Now I really want a Yakuza Japan tattoo on back in color. The tatto I want is a Japan bear fish in its mouth and caught two other fish or a panda bear.

  • Licu Gate 7 years ago


  • delelta 7 years ago

    Survialistsongs remark isn’t correct at all. Most Americans love europe and want to do nothing more than explore it

  • Akuma Hanya 7 years ago

    yes thats right

  • ジェフ ロレック 7 years ago

    It’s not just Japanese who are part of the yakuza. They also exept Koreans as well. There was this one news story about yakuza members held prisoner in North Korea for 5 years for drug smuggling and were later released.

  • Akuma Hanya 7 years ago

    well i’m asking this because if you go write on youtube yakuza is japanese, you will see that there are alot of videos with negative comments towards the yakuza, and it seems the japanese have a bad relationship with them

  • ジェフ ロレック 7 years ago

    By following the news & on Wikipedia.

  • Akuma Hanya 7 years ago

    how do you know that??

  • gn9erk 7 years ago

    China and Japan have such rich and fertile culture i applaud you

  • John rocker 7 years ago

    @ razvanescu86 .You must be queer because you keep talking about dicks. Euro’s brought diseases. And what culture do you have? Everything from Europe was taken/barrowed.

  • razvanescu86 7 years ago

    well you can suck our dicks…cuz we are more organised and have a better life than you fat stupid fucks

  • SurvivalistSong 7 years ago

    Here in America, we Americans think you europeans are stuck-up stick-up-the-ass faggy assholes… take care.

  • Katsu LA 7 years ago

    One day I going poke one Horimono 🙂

  • ironmantis25 7 years ago

    lol, cocaine and crips brought me here.

  • applecrumping33 7 years ago

    when street / petty crime is low due to the presence of the yakuza, thats some heavy shit.

  • Jeffrey Teruel 7 years ago

    One thing admirable about the Yakuza is they are loyal to the Japanese homeland. Plus the tattoos are awesome. If anything, they are the modern day samurai.

  • Julian Ross 7 years ago

    weed brought me here