Added by on October 20, 2013 For 1000’s of koi fish tattoo designs. Browse koi fish tattoo designs, japanese koi fish tattoo designs and much more! Great …



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  • Ajus Ketut 7 years ago


  • nickterrebonne 7 years ago

    these koi suck

  • ToneBanksyy 7 years ago

    i bet people didnt realize that 0:43 and 0:50 were the same because they was lookin at that ass lol

  • brae bruce 7 years ago

    Fish fettish much???

  • eoghan page 7 years ago

    The koi fish should always be swimming upwards as the story is that the fish then turns into a dragon after its struggle. A koi fish swimming down river is meant to bring bad luck. 🙂 your artest should of known this 😛

  • oitask8 7 years ago

    All these tattoos are very bad

    Probably done by american tattoo artists

    If u want perfect beautiful koi tattoos come to Japan and ull get the best tattoos ever

  • oitask8 7 years ago

    All these tattoos are very bad

    Probably done by american tattoo artists

    If u want perfect beautiful koi tattoos come to Japan and ull get the best tattoos ever

  • Najah A 7 years ago

    what else can you tattoo because that was kind if borind

  • cloverman212 7 years ago

    I like your tattoo, very sexy and nice. And I’m not saying that cause I’m some hard up Internet perv, i mean it. Some ppl have nothing better to do than criticize others work (over the Internet of course) they’d be the same ones ass kissing saying how nice your tat is and asking where you got it done and shit like that. Fucking losers if you ask me, why not keep that negative bs to yourself? I’ll be honest I’ve seen more detailed koi done by better artist, but does that make them better overall

  • Mandy Cafferty 7 years ago

    My koi swims down because it looks nicer to me and has its own meaning to me as well…when I can and have earned it I want a dragon on the other side(my koi is on my right side) flying up its all about my journey

  • LuvvvlyOne 7 years ago

    These koi tattoos are terrible!!! The koi on buddy’s back was fuckin fat. No matter what koi’s should always be upstream never down. Epic fail for these retards

  • Gurukut32 7 years ago

    I dont agree that one of these is a top 10, about the direction, the Chinese legend says if the Koi is rising, pointing skyward, means Overcoming Obstacles, The Struggle for purpose and ideal. Represents perseverance. In case of Koy to be Represented pointing down, as if going down the river, She Comes to symbolize the victory, conquest, the success of a goal. Look for Longman Falls+Koi

  • MrRivster 7 years ago

    The WORST koi tatoos is probably what you meant to type

  • Nemo Gutierrez 7 years ago

    how much would the one like in 0:39 cost? different colors of course

  • TheMinecraftBosses 7 years ago

    0:17 is crap

  • Lexxybear 7 years ago

    Now I know not to ever get a koi tattoo. Bye originality.

  • username4244 7 years ago

    did you meen the worst 10 koi designs fukin hell

  • Jesse Pinkman 7 years ago


  • luke durden 7 years ago

    Great now everyone knows where not to go to get a koi tattoo

  • enjoijut 7 years ago

    you know a tattoo isn’t original when it has a top 10

  • SIurm 7 years ago

    isnt it bad luck to put your wife FACEDOWN when you tie her up and put her in your trunk?

  • Scott Minge 7 years ago

    hasnt got mine or my wifes tattoos…. wedding presents….

    also…these koi are fucking horrible….. swimming down!!!!!! no…..idea!!!!! honestly

  • theflyersfan28 7 years ago

    do his tatts have to be a fish

  • videogangstar 7 years ago

    title of this video should be…. some crap koi fish tattoos…. what a nub saying top 10

  • yksnimus 7 years ago

    tatooing fishs in ur body…>_>”
    If u gonna tattoo a fish, tattoo a magicarp, it for sure will be very aclaimed

  • Outra Vez 7 years ago

    Really????? Am i the only one that wouldent get anyone of this tatoos even if they were free?

    Noone of these koi tatoos are good.

  • SuperWarpath 7 years ago

    I love these Koi Fish tattoos thinking about getting one on my lower back.

  • lusciousbutt 7 years ago

    lol if the koi is in the calm water swimming up or down means he/she is embarking on a challenge, koi in rough water mean “in the middle of a challenge”, koi dragon means you have accomplished your challenge and are prepared for the next…

  • idkhedidit 7 years ago

    lol…u clearly have no idea american.