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Subtle statement or a tattoo too far? Here are 5 celebrities who’ve gone for some serious body art. Feat. Megan Fox, Mike Tyson, Angelina Jolie, Lizard Man a…



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  • Divine Kabedi 7 years ago

    0:46 why

  • Osiris 7 years ago

    Lizard man is Celebrity ? He’s just an idiot!

  • mitsubishi777 7 years ago

    It is because he’s a reptile.

  • Area559Duh 7 years ago

    Mike tyson can get a hello Kitty tattoo on him, I still wouldn’t tell him anything….

  • Goxkii San 7 years ago

    Fuck it i’m gonna say it too, Tyson’s is not a fail!

  • angelina kain 7 years ago

    y is angelina’s tattoo a fail?? the one on her back is just a Khmer text from cambodia..

  • Abranalyn Marcos 7 years ago


  • bubbaalumps 7 years ago

    how is lizard man not 1?

  • ilovebeinagirl 7 years ago

    1:05 That awkward moment when you realize that a dude’s makeup looks better than yours.

  • Lun3tte 7 years ago

    What you trying to explain? -.-

  • likerwy 7 years ago

    Mike Tyson’s tattoo is a fail,say it to his face

  • Daimm2 7 years ago

    gucci mane’s Burrr tattoo on his cheek

  • lea white 7 years ago

    just because you dont like them doesnt mean there bad haha i mean some i dont like and think are pointless but its up to them isnt it

  • lea white 7 years ago


  • Unregistered Noncitizen 7 years ago

    No this is celebrity tattoos xD

  • iTouchBroke1 7 years ago

    Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is awesome. its not a fail.

  • TheCRD07 7 years ago

    Mike Tyson’s tatoo is not a fail, it’s his trademark…

  • Courter Caputo 7 years ago

    Joel Wateres AAAHHH

  • Courter Caputo 7 years ago

    kids all clear ok we know that man ..anything notes ohh ok sure ..tight whtin on the within uhm some Mitresses didn’t turn down now 2 3 million “STATUE LIBERTY DA OK” now we also got paid we looked at Europe ..get your rich *** off my set “your still on my set this is Rain” and go over my Statue when I was ** and the Crack **ore “N.W.79th Street” sucking my **ck in another Deminsion for notes.

    I want to be I want to be ..I want be your man ….

  • Sierajas 7 years ago

    dumbass he said hours

  • кувам кари 7 years ago

    were is rich dgenest??? wtf

  • barbi6976x 7 years ago

    angelina’s tattoos you showed are supposed to be the location/time coordinates for all her children (adopted and birthed) I think that is pretty sweet and I like Megan Fox’s too.Lil wayne DEFINITELY should have been in here

  • Lun3tte 7 years ago

    yes, why would u put a random sticker on ferrari? - -,

  • Pagli101 7 years ago

    and wiz khalifa

  • robustfesto 7 years ago

    I think he said 700 Hours.

  • NOMORETATS ALLGONE 7 years ago


  • idkahhhh 7 years ago

    700 hours

  • reyesdc1 7 years ago

    Did i hear lizard man right he said “700 dollars worth of tattoos from top to bottom” thats it wheres he going???

  • Notattoo Itsgone 7 years ago


  • Jade Morgan 7 years ago

    They aint fails at all to me x

  • MrMaralisa 7 years ago

    I like Tyson’s tatoo. – It’s kinda tribal art and it suits him well.

  • HereComesThePain9100 7 years ago

    his a fucking freak

  • Jake McGee 7 years ago

    On some faggot bullshit call him dennis rodman

  • GuitaristTom96 7 years ago

    he is hahaha

  • ECanpek 7 years ago

    mike tysons one isnt that good, but its not that bad either

  • patrickbhn 7 years ago

    steve-o´s is fucking awesome :P

  • Hannah Oswick 7 years ago

    Ed sheerans <3

  • Kipras Mačiokas 7 years ago

    mike tyson hands down best D-Generation X member

  • Nicolas Charcho 7 years ago

    lizard man is a win win situation because he is in a book and gets paid 4 it

  • nunezcris41 7 years ago

    Ilzard man should be number 1

  • 2012Amen 7 years ago

    While the illuminati has you hypnotized into watching unimportant, non power giving stupidity and hijacked your thoughts, emotions and vibrations to help them create all the bs in our world my channel offers the secrets of life, death, immortality, all power and superhuman abilities…no joke. If more people watched my channel we would have heaven on earth smh.

  • Chuck Norris 7 years ago

    lizard man is not that much of a fail I see it more as a win

  • Matt Quinn 7 years ago

    You cannot make fun of Mike Tyson’s tattoo, you just can’t.

  • Yekini Gariba 7 years ago

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  • GuitaristTom96 7 years ago

    what about steve-o’s tattoo of himself on his back or the penis hahaha

  • GuitaristTom96 7 years ago

    what about steve-o’s tattoo of himself on his back or the penis hahaha

  • gsingh bjatt 7 years ago

    brock lesnar back tattoo looks awesome

  • frenkeejM 7 years ago

    I don’t gife a fuck about Angelina Jolie having a terrible tattoo. her tits make it all up brah!