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Video portrait of artist Horimyo in his studio in Saitama, Japan 2012. Horimyo is one of only a few practitioners of the traditional Japanese tebori tattooin…



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  • bboy jay 5 years ago

    i have 1 fuck hurts as hurt

  • seryozha tihonov 5 years ago

    Anyone know what the song?

  • Troy Imelda 5 years ago

    hurt as hell

  • HOLY GAIN 5 years ago


  • Martin Bueno 5 years ago
  • veniceee 5 years ago

    Does anyone know the song on this video?

  • El Rey Chopper 5 years ago

    #Japanese #Tatto

  • Eleni Sam 5 years ago

    he is a real artist!

  • WARLOCK Derby 5 years ago

    So epic

  • number1steel 5 years ago

    That’s dope!

  • nooneuknowhere66 5 years ago

    I want to get one of these done he makes it look so relaxing

  • Missy Brage 5 years ago


  • Hteik Tin Min Paing 5 years ago

    Ahh,, so so so adventure…

  • Tom Phillips 5 years ago

    Tabouri is meant to hurt more thn a machine.. wounder hw

  • Carolena Naumczyk 5 years ago

    I’ve been saving my money up for a full back tattoo for a while now. I
    really wanna go to japan and get it done too that’s the only place I would.

  • hirokosama 5 years ago

    I’ve heard that there are a handful of people who do practice tebori in the
    U.S. but I’ve always been told that they don’t do it publicly, i.e. you
    need to know the right people in order to even know who these people are.
    Even then they might not do it because chances are they have a limited

  • ichighost narayan 5 years ago

    awesome art

  • pictureboxfilm 5 years ago

    hi, sorry I don’t know any US based tebori artists. keep hunting

  • bananasack28 5 years ago

    Hi there. I have wanted a tattoo done in this style for quite some time now
    and was wondering, do you know of any traditional Japanese artists that
    practice tebori in the U.S. ? This has been a dream of mine for years now
    and it needs to finally become reality. Please get back to me, thank you
    for the awesome video.

  • bruce brown 5 years ago

    I would love to have one done like that

  • Tomokazu Nishiyama 5 years ago


  • Roberto Salgado 5 years ago

    Very cool tattooing

  • romplstomp 5 years ago

    i have been following this guy for a while and wondering if i should get
    him to do my tattoo; what do you think?

  • myntyd 5 years ago

    really interested in getting work done on my body by him, does anybody have
    an idea what a sleave might cost by him? and how to get in touch..?

  • pictureboxfilm 5 years ago

    @romplestop – I think he’s an outstanding artist and very few people on the
    planet can do what he does.

  • Jonathan Whitefield 5 years ago

    They’re supposedly one of the most painful tattoos you can get haha

  • leward18 5 years ago

    Absolutely breathtaking, it’s like he’s painting on skin. Without question
    the most beautiful method of tattooing.

  • leward18 5 years ago

    Go for it!!!!

  • Benjamin Bryman 5 years ago

    onizuka tatto in los angeles

  • mauricio eysner 5 years ago


  • Leo Ferreira 5 years ago

    Grande bosta, a feita na maquina é melhor ainda!

  • Ray Molinaro 5 years ago
  • tattoo hair art tai 5 years ago