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Sketching 6 possible tribal dragon tattoo designs. I may develop and finalize some of these ideas at a later date.. FACEBOOK:…



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  • Nilamadhab Padhy 5 years ago

    Do #1 #2 #3 because there so awesome keep up the work please draw a sword

  • Cihan ALKAN 5 years ago

    pls write my name myname is CİHAN 🙂

  • SrPothz 5 years ago

    so cool

  • xXCRUNCHYBMORE3Xx 5 years ago

    Great Job Man! You’re so good! Keep up the great work!

  • Hazime Ata 5 years ago

    Thats amazing !:D

  • ClashofClans653 5 years ago

    Y h

  • sawnkiller21 5 years ago

    I pick dragon #2 or 3

  • demedical24 5 years ago

    Great work…my daughter likes your work and wants you to do a pumpkin
    design…she’s 7

  • malcolm z 5 years ago

    great work as always man, i have watch some of your other videos and i
    think you should do some tutorials on how to draw certain stuff and
    tutorial about drawing in general, i’m sure am not the only one who wants

  • TheAllsMine 5 years ago

    jonathan, tu as quel stylo feutre gros ?

  • Jonathan Harris 5 years ago