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  • BomberSander 5 years ago

    looked mint

  • Simon St. 5 years ago

    How long does the color keep glowing? I mean does it stop to light up under
    UV light after 30 years or sth?

  • Troy Mosino 5 years ago

    Ps where’s the a&d brother ! 

  • Troy Mosino 5 years ago

    Dude redip bro fuck lol and wipe wipe please god redip and wipe !!!!!

  • Donnie Darko 5 years ago

    Shut your ugly face. It’s not acceptable. don’t like that? Neither
    do the people you say their tattoo looks bad. It’s on their body forever
    whether they like it or not. I’m sure he gives ZERO fucks that you don’t
    like it. It’s not on YOU, so shut your fucking mouth.

  • Jeremy Posey 5 years ago

    Whats the ink brand an color? i have skincandy invisible fallour but really
    want that

  • Regan Kohler 5 years ago

    what is the song in the background at the start??

  • Saad Saad 5 years ago


  • glasgow1994sara 5 years ago

    They’re pretty awesome. There’s a shop down here that does the regular ink
    with UV stuff, and I can’t wait to get one.

  • Tommy Diamond 5 years ago

    id fucking cover myself in that stuff like secret messages and like
    teardrops on my face

  • tobyboii1 5 years ago

    most annoying fucking noise -.-‘ haha!

  • MRXxDRA3ULAxX3 5 years ago

    can u get these uv tattoos from any shop??

  • ricardo lopez 5 years ago

    thanks ive been thinking about getting one

  • sarah nguyen 5 years ago

    Thats hella cool.

  • AlwaysHollyJo 5 years ago


  • AndySixxFan Armitage 5 years ago

    awwwww so sweet

  • glasgow1994sara 5 years ago

    It looks normal, but they also have ink that is UV black-light ink as well
    as regular ink. That way you can see your tattoo all the time (:

  • chicagoDemon1 5 years ago

    lol he tatted himself give him a little credit 😛

  • Saad Saad 5 years ago

    if ur skin is very white then it wont be invisible at all and if u want my
    advice n want ur uv tattoo be invisible in normal light then ask ur tattoo
    artist for a yellow phosphoric uv ink or the white one…cuz the other
    colors like the pink n green n blue doesnt get invisible when healed.. i
    got a Diamond black light tattoo on my hand n i used the yellow phosphoric
    color n its completely invisible in normal lights..

  • ricardo lopez 5 years ago

    does your skin look normal in regular light or does it look weird

  • Saad Saad 5 years ago

    yea its looks normal n u wont know i have a blacklight tattoo with the
    normal lights ;))

  • andy favela 5 years ago

    dawmm u have a steady hand

  • kingspawn999 5 years ago


  • es990550 5 years ago

    Question I’ve been doing a lot looking around and shit and alot places
    where found information about uv tattoo ink they say that the color uv ink
    is visible in normal light and I wanted to know can u see ur tattoo in
    normal or do u need the black light to c now that it’s heeled and all

  • Saad Saad 5 years ago

    im not sure..i dont think all shops have it

  • Daniella Paterson 5 years ago

    You shut up you little twat face fucker