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A lot of people dream to have a tattoo on their face or on their head. But of coourse, it is not easy everyday to wear such a tattoo. So here a few ideas if …



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  • whitenottrash 7 years ago

    + I ain’t the one brainwashed with all this self-mutilating mediocre
    juvenile tattoo shit !

  • gilly ovthafod 7 years ago

    you sir is a wanker

  • Iz Valeriouz 7 years ago

    Yo.. Zombieboy isn’t funny or weird.. he’s fucking georgous o__ô

  • whitenottrash 7 years ago

    completely fucked up ; why would anyone want to mutate, vandalize, destroy,
    rape their body like that? Is it supposed to be audacious or something ?

  • Kristie B 7 years ago

    no i love tattoos they are like art on you skin and symbols of your life.
    its not rape ? why does this bother you soo much you really old ? its not
    your body so stfu and have a life

  • Kristie B 7 years ago

    still art it can be anything. no self harm love tattoos they are sexy and
    beautiful i want 5 im 17

  • Kristie B 7 years ago

    just expressing its not like they are cutting there arms off

  • whitenottrash 7 years ago

    expressing eh ? There’s much better ways of expressing yourself than
    fucking yourself up like that ! BTW, what are they actually trying to
    express? Not organic cultural beauty that’s for sure ! I think I’d rather
    cut off my arms than rape my face like that !

  • ISeeDeadAnts 7 years ago

    Gosh. Imagine being free to have drawn on you what you’d like. Must try
    this some day. Next they’ll be saying you can’t call yourself whatever you
    feel like calling yourself.

  • whitenottrash 7 years ago

    Art is something to be pursued within reason ; painting on paper + canvases
    is one thing but permanently on your skin ? That is where to firmly draw
    the line ! And it may not be my body but self-harm (which is literally what
    tattooing is !) is still a worrying issue ! Obviously ! I’m 30 BTW