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  • ctdeveraux 7 years ago

    Reporters are twats

  • LankeyLad 7 years ago

    Looks like he missed a spot

  • manutd758 7 years ago

    He looks like demon from Supernatural.

  • Smiae 7 years ago

    They do look pretty bad ass. Completely black would be awesome.

  • Donovan Felder 7 years ago

    The Shit Dumm

  • hank rice 7 years ago

    Fuck you

  • Harry Smith 7 years ago

    its called YOLOOO .. hes old enough to make his own decisions so stop bitching.

  • Anuj kashyap 7 years ago

    this is really an awesome thing

  • JoeyCymbals 7 years ago

    People do what ever they wish with their body, is not up to others sitting behind a studio desk, mind blinded with society standards to judge as “insane”. Insane is to be a society puppet, in order to make a “good” 1st impression, a none special standard that many already have. Now the question is: Why be more of the same? I don’t believe in god or bible, but if this anchors do, they most look for James 2: 8-13 and applyed to their lives.

  • Grecia Barraza 7 years ago

    I really doubt they have a lot to lose, and the more I think about it, I really don’t see anything wrong with tattooed eyes. It’s cool that you’re happy having a clean look and fitting into the criteria that you think you have to follow, but you have to understand that it’s not for everyone. Some people are happy being a Freak Show, it’s not like if people that do this do it expecting to not be judged, they want a reaction.

  • Amour Lucifer 7 years ago


  • brianquiroz1997bq13 7 years ago

    Im sorry but its true

  • brianquiroz1997bq13 7 years ago

    Its fucking bad ass nigga yall jist white

  • poonjoonoob 7 years ago

    They love sodomizing fags. But shun tattoos. Dumb ass.

  • 4251268 7 years ago

    the first guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stoneeeeeeedddd!!!

  • vencugar 7 years ago

    One things is for sure. When these nutters do and if they get out of jail there is just no way in hell they would be able to intergrade with normal society again. It looks terrifying. I had to take two when I saw this. Everyone will stair at you like a freak show. You would be like a mutant from x-men. This could actually ruin your life and stop you from being able to find a job or career. People would not employ someone who actually looks totally crazed. you wont be able to earn money.

  • shariff beasley 7 years ago

    im 65% sure the prisoners are racist lol.

  • Bob Jones 7 years ago

    Love comment below

  • toophatdiego 7 years ago

    fucking let do whatever they want to their body coz they never care about you

  • Zuqi Li 7 years ago

    These reporters are so close minded… I don’t find anything wrong with eye tattooing. It’s a form of expressing yourself, or even a form of art. If they want to do it, why do you have to be a douche about it?

  • Wee Sharif 7 years ago

    And I dot even have a tattoo.

  • Wee Sharif 7 years ago

    The two people who present this are hyper theatrics. Narrow minded, frightened people.

  • snowskrunch 7 years ago

    When they said that his cell mate got his eyes tattooed too, I thought he said soul mate. Thought these two where a loving couple up until about halfway.

  • Joey RichBawse 7 years ago

    i like it. if your brave to do it your bad ass in my book!

  • AnimatorLinden 7 years ago

    i’d love to try this, fuck what people think.

  • DarthRane113 7 years ago

    Usually I agree with TYT but this time they were ignorant as hell.

  • blearghp 7 years ago

    here, have my thumbs up!

  • ksiolajxdebt 7 years ago


  • ksiolajxdebt 7 years ago

    wow absolutely crazy.

  • Marissa Motionless 7 years ago

    I have nothing against eye tattoos, get them if you fucking like them, fuck the haters.

  • EDWARD RIVERA 7 years ago

    And so what if I am? You have the right to tell me or anyone else what they can or cannot do? As far as I am concerned, you are a judgmental asshole with a condescending view on others who are practicing something that doesn’t affect you. So, no sir, go fuck yourself and your mother in her loose asshole 🙂

  • wgholson 7 years ago

    to each his own. . . . . . . . .i wouldnt get this shit done to my eyes, but i think it looks kinda on point