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The reasons why we decide to get INKED. Watch ‘Ink Master’ Tuesday Nights at 10/9c on SPIKE Check out SpikeTV on YouTub…



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  • Ernesto Rodriguez 6 years ago

    Clean. I love my skin too much to let another destroy it for my
    compulsions. Love yourself and others will too.

  • NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus 6 years ago

    Well, most people get tattoos because they think it’s cool.

  • TheYafaShow 6 years ago

    Do Chinese people get words tattooed on them in English?

  • Melted Cheese 6 years ago

    I don’t get why you would want a tattoo… you’ll look like a wrinkly
    octopus when you’re 80! xD

  • Endermender110 6 years ago

    … doesnt tattoos cause skin cancer? ._.

  • GrahamPhelan 6 years ago

    Do you know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of people with tattoos automatically
    judging us who just dislike how they physically look. Just because we
    dislike how tattoos look doesn’t mean we dislike you or the tattoo or can’t
    understand why it’s meaningful to you, it just means we find it physically

  • TheInternetBully94 6 years ago

    tattoo’s look weird on women especially when they got a full arm tattooed.

  • Thomas Gentle 6 years ago

    here’s a thought: people who get tattoos think that they are being
    artsy/deep/unique when everyone and their dog gets a tattoo. Isnt like it
    takes all that much effort either… What, you sit on your butt for a few
    hours as you watch someone else (with actual artistic talent) scar up your
    skin and then you think that youre the deep one as you post your new tat on
    instagram? The truly artistic/unique people in my opinion are the ones who
    actually create their own art or find a truly unique way of self expression
    that takes continual effort. This is just laziness being glorified. Just
    imo though ;P

  • zahaj 6 years ago

    I don’t get tatoos, never felt attracted to them but most importantly I

  • Hunteray09 6 years ago

    I don’t like tatoos. Think of how ugly they will be when you are old and
    saggy. And what if you regret them?

  • MarksmanGamingVideos 6 years ago

    I think a lot of people are happy with their tatoos after about 10 or 20
    years, but there are undoubtedly people who regret their decision to get
    inked so i think it’s not worth it, but feel free to disagree

  • BunnyHopper AJ 6 years ago

    Ya and then when you are old and wrinkly you will be saying to your self,
    “Why the heck did i get this dang tattoo?” /).(

  • Jane Murphy 6 years ago

    I honestly don’t give a shit about tattoos one way or another.

  • Señor Chang 6 years ago

    getting a tattoo is one of the most trashiest things to in my opinion…

  • Fr0z0rz 6 years ago

    I’ve given it consideration many times in my life, but tattoos aren’t for
    me. However, I can appreciate and respect the art and choices of others.
    Besides, most ‘tatted girls are hawt – see Suicide Girls. :P

  • Ranidude J 6 years ago

    In my opinion I think tattoos are just a waste of time and make you look
    uglier. They’re said to lower the chance of you getting a job and I
    completely agree if I would never hire someone with a tattoo. But if you
    have a different opinion that’s fine with me I’m just sharing my opinion.
    So if you have a different opinion go ahead and share it! There’s nobody
    stopping you.

  • John Kelly 6 years ago

    the human body itself is art … why cover that up with tattoos that will
    fade , need removal , for whatever reason . oh and all the old age sagging
    later on in life.. yuck ! take a friggin picture and keep the so called art
    OFF the body and put else where ! damn circus freaks. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperBerserka 6 years ago

    How many viewers here actually LIKE tattoos? Haha

  • ttwiitch Yu 6 years ago

    Tattoos originated from prisoners. Its fad now a days….. The body is your
    temple, do not do anything to harm it or damage it.

  • Dogurasu 6 years ago

    Why was this a Buzzfeed video? It was just a commercial.
    And according to this commercial tattoos are for people with a very bad
    memory and emotional scarring.
    You don’t need tattoos.. You need therapy. lol
    Don’t screw up your nice skin with tattoos.

  • Why not just engrave jewelry or carry a photo or just remember a quote?
    Because then its just a ring, or a photo, or a phrase. When you get a
    tattoo, it becomes a part of you. Tattoos ARE like slow fading scars, and
    I’m proud of my scars. They remind me that I might be hurt or have been
    hurt, but that I’m not broken. My tattoos will be just the same, visual
    representations of the feelings I have and the things I’ve been through.
    No, I do not have any tattoos at the moment, but I can’t stand all these
    haters. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me tattoos aren’t for
    attention, they’re for satisfaction.

  • cannacherryblossom 6 years ago

    can you do a video about piercings? :)

  • MikeyTubeHD 6 years ago

    I wanted one when i was like 12, im almost 17 now and i think it would be
    the most absolute dumbest thing, especially where i want to work in as a

  • Daph112 6 years ago

    So this video is basically a promo?

  • UrbanHunterz 6 years ago

    Some people love it for pain. Like cutting. No joke.

  • Julie Ten 6 years ago

    I personally don’t like any tattoos. Maybe I feel it’s too much of a
    commitment to make! I think I also have this image in my head of prejudging
    people with tattoos which I know is wrong! 

  • Jenna Sevntyfour 6 years ago

    People who talk about how you’ll regret tattoos when you’re older annoy me.
    Let’s say you get tattoo in honor of something, even if it starts to fade
    and sag you will still look at it and remember that one person, that one
    moment that changed your life. Who cares if people judge you for something
    you love? If anything watching tattoos age with flesh is amazing, each and
    every distortion on that image is a moment of your life that you LIVED not
    just standing back in fear of what you MIGHT regret.

  • Barna Bop 6 years ago

    Those tattoos look AMAZING…for now. Thirty years later, though, they are
    going to look really fucking terrible…my grandfather got tattoos on both
    his arms, and his mermaid now looks like a rotting fish 🙁 . 

  • WhatAboutCasey 6 years ago

    Tattoos in my opinion are pointless. But it’s whatever man, you do whatever
    you want with your body, we all have regrets.

  • Grace Gordon 6 years ago

    wow, so many people in these comments are so ignorant. tattoos CAN be
    beautiful. tattoos CAN have meaning or a story behind why they inked their
    skin. Maybe the person wanted to stand out or KNEW they were born to stand
    out. so what if it isn’t “normal”? normal is just the same as everyone
    else. normal is boring, bottom line

  • bmhyakiri 6 years ago

    There’s too many people that get dumb fucking tattoos. I’m talking about
    basketballs and dragon ball z characters. I cannot take you seriously if
    you have goku on your arm.

  • sumakjuly16 6 years ago

    Tattoos are stupid.

  • d3wg0ng Two 6 years ago

    i think they look stupid imo

  • Rebecca Leah 6 years ago

    Tobias Eaton.

  • Daxen Hsu 6 years ago

    “Uhhh I’m sorry but we aren’t hiring right now…”

  • ლ(◕ω◕ლ) 6 years ago

    I like how they use young bodies in this video and fail to show the now fat
    and old 70 year old men and women whose tattoos have gone all misshapen and
    discolored. How ridiculous they look with their ‘BORN TO BE WILD’ tattoo
    across their pudgy bellies.