Added by on January 20, 2014 In 2005, a lady named Kimberly Smith was paid $10k to get a tattoo by the name “” on her forehead. This amount hel…



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  • Brenda Ramirez 6 years ago

    I’m scared of the first tattoo o.e

  • tat2plat 6 years ago

    I hope the dude with the Vag tat never goes to prison

  • ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ •~➧§υяƒιηßιяÐ➧~• █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ 6 years ago

    lmao at the armpit tat

  • tuti Frutti 6 years ago

    EXREME not T hehehehe

  • ish1918 6 years ago

    How inspiring, lol… 

  • Aaron Morgan 6 years ago

    I hope Brenda left his dumbass! that kid really had a pussy on his neck

  • Samantha Lilly 6 years ago

    The tower tat makes me sick I’ve seen shitty Tats but u got the most fucked
    up one yet.. and I’ve seen the girl with stars all over the internet 

  • Chaz Carpenter 6 years ago

    Lol 105

  • Anmol Gurung 6 years ago


  • Tony Genna 6 years ago


  • Victoria Yaobarnes 6 years ago

    1:21 is that a pierced vag?

  • 01musicbabe 6 years ago

    Have you?

  • Colton Matschke 6 years ago

    a lot of people.

  • sukr bait 6 years ago

    wow..we really do have some stupid ass people on this earth…I never seen
    such lame tattoos…

  • 01musicbabe 6 years ago

    You’d think lol…

  • Ĵalapeño red 6 years ago

    Any body can tell that’s fake…..

  • Dom Reyes 6 years ago

    Tha lv arm one was sicc

  • mophiemophie 6 years ago

    1:28 ahahaha this croissant reading the newspaper made my day… no, life!

  • This video would have been awesome if it weren’t for all the fucking
    adverts. Trolling trolling trolling

  • MegaB345t 6 years ago

    pussyyyy eaterrrrr… dawg!!

  • metalheadofmadness 6 years ago

    What music is this? Yes, I always wanted Jimmy Carter on my ass as well. lol

  • SumthinMstBAvailable 6 years ago

    1:48 – Oh wow, how insensitive.

  • Mislav Brozović 6 years ago


  • deltansigmaftw 6 years ago

    Gucci man looks like a fish.

  • MegaMichiee 6 years ago

    1:10 hahahah he has an ice cream on his face! No 1 worst tatoo in human

  • Rock4Star4Dude 6 years ago

    that vagina on the back of the neck is actually not bad in terms of
    quality. but jesus fuck man, why would you ever get that aaaaaahahahahaha
    holy fucking shit he must be out of his mind.

  • brenda cantrell 6 years ago

    haha thats me but its my name lol

  • Simone79Mr 6 years ago

    01:39 lol

  • Eisteeis 6 years ago

    and i got a unicorn in my backyard

  • brenda cantrell 6 years ago

    thats not*** me

  • Jack Smith 6 years ago
  • Susan DeLancey 6 years ago

    That vag tat looks like raw roast beef

  • peroperopero69 6 years ago

    Love this song

  • Damian6Robin 6 years ago

    Omg!! Hahaaa crazy what people do…its raining men is really wrong

  • Jessi Chan 6 years ago

    First guy tattoo level: Brenda

  • Zach Russell 6 years ago

    yeah i know right what a fucking loser.

  • Christina Jensen 6 years ago

    1:32 ….

  • IPrincessDaisyI 6 years ago

    The ” it’s raining men ” tattoo is just sad. R.I.P those who lost there
    lives and family’s on September 11.

  • smoothjas8 6 years ago

    O.o yikes…

  • joan Jones 6 years ago

    Pussy eater is going to need a mustach for life.

  • Angrie Cakebabie 6 years ago

    What kind of complete mental defective gets a vag tat?! On the back of his
    neck, no less!

  • Greenmanshands 6 years ago

    People are truly amazing.

  • 8DFahren 6 years ago

    0:51 quite literally the face of America. You must be so very proud.

  • YousayOh danggogle 6 years ago

    Do that to the Bush familiy, badass.

  • amy mia 6 years ago

    Some of these aren’t that bad

  • 01musicbabe 6 years ago

    She admitted that she lied and asked for 56 stars on her face because she
    was worried that her father would be ashamed of her tattoo’s. Who is able
    to fall asleep whilst a sharp loud needle is piercing their skin