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I do NOT own any rights to this song.



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  • Torii37310 5 years ago

    No-no I mean in the V-DAY store .. they made a design of this .. isn’t that
    techinically stealing this from you? Wait I just understood what you just
    said .. LMFAO!

  • ItalianMafia001 5 years ago

    There where girls on zwinky who already had the heart tattoos before
    majority everyone had them but non on the leg like how I did, I just took
    the hearts and re positioned them ;3

  • Torii37310 5 years ago

    If this was originally yours then that means that whoever submitted in the
    design for the hearts tattoo in misc then they basically stole from you.

  • ciarafitzz 5 years ago

    thanks 🙂

  • MaddiKinz ☮ シ 5 years ago

    How do you get a picture of yur zwinky and make it yur photo-for youtube!
    ;D C; REPLY PLZZ<3