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  • John Zaviour 7 years ago

    That irksome occasion when your brother (who’s been a loser for a lifetime,
    by the way) gets a beautiful girl to fall in love with him in, like 3
    weeks? Yeah, that occured. I believe I ought to be pleased for him having
    said that I would prefer if it was me. He stated he learned from the Cupid
    Love System (Search in Google for it). I wanna disappear inside of a cave
    at this point…

  • Jackie Sariano 7 years ago

    To BrooklynEagle, if you don’t like it, then don’t get one! NO ONE cares
    about your opinion. Keep it to yourself. Stupid, ignorant, self absorbed
    idiots like yourself are out of control. People like yourself should have
    stopped before time even existed! 😉

  • annehayden63ah 7 years ago

    They look great

  • BrooklynEagle 7 years ago

    Tattoos on female feet craze is one I’ll never understand. Especially
    chicks getting stars on their damn feet! What is that really all about?
    Wow…it just doesn’t make any damn sense. But then again…I don’t have
    any tattoos (and no kids, which means I’ll never have a daughter to hop on
    that bandwagon, fortunately!), and I never will. So, perhaps I’m a bit
    bias. It should’ve stopped for women in the 90’s on their ankles and feet
    with bands, vines, and rosary beads. But it’s out of control now.